So summer is finally (well, very nearly) here and some of us are still feeling the effects of winters indulgence – however our gorgeous mainboard beauty Yazzy Phillips talks to The Source Juice about how she manages her healthy habits alongside being a personal trainer, nutritional adviser and model.  

Hello juice-lovers! Today, we spoke to the lovely Yasmin Phillips, a personal trainer and nutritional advisor at Reebok sports club. She was kind enough to chat to us and share the ways she keeps herself in jumping-happily-on-magazine-covers shape. SPOILER: it involves juice.

-First things first, why did you decide to become a personal trainer and nutritionist? Was it something you had always thought about or was it a profession that took your by surprise? 

I am a personal trainer and nutritional adviser, but also work as a model. I have been modeling since I was 18, so health has been always been a very important part of my life. Eating right before a shoot, maintaining my weight without starving myself and doing exercises on location all around the world help me to stay in shape.You don’t always have a gym at hand, so hotel rooms and the streets were my gym. Eating healthy and getting good sleep to stay energized is a very important part when you work long hours and have to look fresh the next day. I decided to share my knowledge with people who don’t have access to it. I now love helping my clients to achieve their goals. Personal training became my dream.

-What do you enjoy most about personal training? Are there any practices/workouts you enjoy teaching more than others?

My approach is having fun. If you enjoy training you will stick to it! I like mixing up weight training, Hiit, box cardio, Pilates and yoga moves, a little basketball and finding out what makes my client’s eyes sparkle. When they leave with a smile I know it was good session. 

– While you do a great job of keeping others fit, how do you keep yourself fit? What kinds of exercise do you enjoy the most and why? 

Like with my clients, I like to keep my training versatile. When the sun is out I train outdoors; the streets become my playground. In the gym you will find me either squatting or working out in the frame area (chin ups, TRX, push ups, etc) playing ball, doing yoga classes or dance classes.

-What health fad do you love?

I love green juices. They are a fantastic snack and full of valuable nutrients to keep my body nourished and energized.

-What health fad do you hate?

I don’t like any strict diets. I believe in a healthy balanced lifestyle. Balance means mainly healthy foods and a little indulgence to keep the metabolism running high and enjoying life to the fullest. 

-What are your beliefs on nutrition and diet? Are you very selective about what you eat? 

I try to eat the colours of the rainbow throughout the week, that way I know I get all my vitamins without counting. My plate is always colourful. I eat plenty of fish and veg and have carbs in the form of quinoa, brown rice and sweet potatoes to stay energized. 

My motto:

Morning like a king


Lunch like a farmer 


Evening like a little bird 

-Are there any foods you try to avoid? Are there foods you can’t get enough of?

Personally I don’t eat meat. Every person is unique, so their diet should be as well. With my clients, we work out together what works for them and adjust accordingly. As long as there is always something green on the plate I am happy. Also, try to stay away from carbs at night as the body doesn’t need so much energy in the evening, unless you work nights.

-Is there one health-related rule you always stick by?

Fresh lemon and warm water first thing in the morning! It detoxes the body and alkalizes it. Best way to start your day in my eyes. 

-We have to ask, how do you feel about cold-pressed juice? What is your favourite kind of juice? 

Fresh cold pressed juice is the only juice I consume. All the nutrients are still conserved and should be consumed immediately. Vitamins are not heat resistant and you get the most out of it having it fresh. My favourite is green juice.

I like having all kinds of green veg, lime and 1 apple for sweetness.

-Have you ever done a juice cleanse? If so, how did you feel? If not, why?

I like to do a weekend of juicing to give my system a break. I still eat vegetables though, and have light soups, just juice seems to be not enough for me and leaves me hungry all day and with little energy to do my job. Juices are part of my daily diet!

Do you have any upcoming goals or things you would like to accomplish this year? 

My goal for this year is to work on doing retreats in hot countries.

-Any parting words of wisdom you would like to share or motivational mantras that you love?

Enjoy training and enjoy your food! You are more likely to stick to it and you will enjoy long lasting benefits. Also, some great books I recommend are:

Metabolism Advantage by Jon Berardi 

Honestly Healthy

The Body Book by Cameron Diaz 

Hemsley and Hemsley: the art of eating well 

We support all that makes you healthy and happy and we can’t help but agree wholeheartedly with Yasmin’s opinions on juice. Take her word for it – it’s good for you. Be sure to grab some of our cold-pressed juice and get going!

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