Taking it back to the old skool, We Are Vandals have published this amazing black and white video-editorial "Spirit of '69" starring Christie Leigh Corbally and Monique Sterling.

The video not only explores the fashions of the 1960's but perfectly captures the simple life between friends and shot so perfectly that we almost feel like nothing has changed.

Follow the girls on Instagram: Christie (@christieleighc) // Monique (@moniquesterling)

Written, directed and edited by Mathieu Vladimir Alliard
Creative Director Andrej Skok, Stylist Felix Leblhuber, 1st Assistant Stylist Stella Lucia, Stylist Assistants Candice Grenard Heather Ridley-Moran, Oliver Geraghty, Make Up Daniel Kolaric, Make Up Assistant Mona Leanne, Casting Director Rene de Bathory, Scouts Billie Turnbull, Natalie Monroe, Fanny Zakrisson, Location and Production Erin Fee, Assistant Producer Joana, Set Photographer Tom Chapman
Models are dressed in Dr Martens, Prada, CMMN SWDN, Petar Petrov, Wendy & Jim, Rokit Vintage, Blitz Vintage, Paperdress