Fresh from his shoot with Paul Perelka, we stopped for a quick chat with our newest face, Waz George!

Age: 19 

Nationality: Palestinian, British   

Hometown: Exeter, Devon

How were you discovered? Through family and friends 

What were you doing before you were a model?

Playing football 

How is 2016 shaping up for you so far?

Very well indeed thank you, its been great to get to know good people - its defintely opened me up!

How excited are you to be a part of the Nevs Fam?

I cant contain how excited I am to start my career with the Nevs team!

What makes you tick? 

My main enjoyments are skating and music/rapping

What are your super essential items you carry with you to castings?

Wallet, phone and skateboard!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Being involved in a creative environment 

What is your most treasured possession?

My bed. I LOVE my sleep - so good for the mind

Dream Vacation? 

Anywhere hot!

Favourite Designer?


Couldn’t live without?

My skateboard

Currently on your playlist? 

Hiphop: Skool Boy BGPCK 

What makes you smile? 

Other people smiling :)

Most recent purchase?

Baby bells and apple juice!

Fave movie of all time?


Highlight of your career so far?

Signing to Nevs Models!!

Can you sum yourself up in three words?

Shy, open, unique  

Currently reading?

Spy the Lie by Philip Houston - former CIA officers on how to detect deception! (Floyd and Susan Carnicero)

Biggest fear?

Mass wipe out off our species

Biggest challenge to date?

Over coming my back injury

Whats your secret to a happy life? 

To enjoy being me

Your mantra is?


Obsessed with right now?

Freestyle rapping  

What do you think is the key to a good work / life balance? 

To live in the now 

Image: Paul Perelka 


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