By now you have seen the epic front cover of Volt 15 featuring Earl James and girlfriend Idina (see images above) in association with The Kooples.

To go alongside the fearture, Volt have done a Q+A with cover star Earl, to learn more about his modelling career alongside his many other talents and interests, especially his PR company- TAKE London.

See the interview below:

Volt Café: What are your thoughts about being a Kooples cover model?
Earl James: I guess I’m grateful and happy for the opportunity to be one, and it’s always a good thing to shoot with Luc Coiffait.

VC: You just started your own company, TAKE London, what are the most important things you learned so far from owning your own business?
EJ: Do what you say you’re going to do, be prepared to die to keep your promise, and your team are like your children, look after them, teach them, nurture them, give them everything you have and everything they need, and once they’re ready, they’ll be the ones looking after you.

VC: Where do you see yourself in five years time?
EJ: I heard the best way to make God laugh is to tell him your plans, I find it hard to predict what I’m doing in five days time let alone five years. To be honest, the ideas I have in my head, you probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you. But it will be sunny and hopefully I’ll be making music and taking photos somewhere with some good people.

VC: How did you fall into the world of PR and event management?
EJ: When I was 17 and still in Ipswich, I started working in local nightclubs and bars as a bartender, and eventually occasionally found myself on the street team handing out flyers. I left town and moved to London to study Fashion Design & Marketing. While in my first year, I was offered a role as a flyer distributor for a company called Rough Hill by a friend from back home who remembered I had some experience in clubs. I ran with it, and by the following summer I had left university and was London Area Manager for the largest student events company in Europe, it was a bit crazy.

VC: What kind of events could we find you at during the weekend?
EJ: I don’t run events on Saturday if I can help it. My weekend starts on Thursday usually. We have a very close relationship with The Box in Soho, The Scotch of St James, Cafe Royal, The Drury Club and The Cuckoo Club, so we’ll usually be causing trouble at one of those places. Other than that, the usual launches and things when they pop up, and raves..

VC: What do you enjoy most about London?
EJ: The universal beauty of the place when the sun is out, from the run down estates, the grand town houses, the parks, and the glass towers in the city. When the sun’s out, you can feel the energy, you can feel the smiles in the air. Also it’s the only place in the country where I can get away with doing what I do for a living.

Images by Luc Coiffait, Luc Coiffait, Nikki Neervens
Words by Nikki Neervens