VOGUE HOMMES INTERNATIONAL - "How Dan Hyman stays in shape"

Ever wondered how a male model looks so good?

Well now you can get the low down from one of our top body guys Dan Hyman, as he shares with Vogue Hommes International his beauty tips, fitness regime and strict diet to achieve his perfect body goals.

Well, we definitely think you're doing alright dan...*thumbs up*

What is your first thought when you wake up?

Breakfast! I know it’s a cliché but breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day and a nutritious breakfast certainly sets the tone for the rest of the day

What’s your morning beauty ritual?

I wouldn’t call it a beauty ritual as such, but my mornings consist of brushing my teeth, washing my face, then I shower, moisturise, do my hair and have breakfast. In that order and that order only.  Recently I have been using Go 24/7 male grooming products which a friend recommended, they are really good on for my skin. In the evenings I repeat the teeth, face and moisturise routine, but this time with music.

Do you have any detox drink recipes? 

I often make a smoothing using a handful of spinach, one green apple and one avocado, blended with ice and cold water. It's simple, cheap and creates a green ‘power’ juice, perfect for detoxing!

Do you have any food preferences for increasing muscle mass?

Increasing muscle mass is all about consuming more calories than your body is using and being an ectomorph, naturally skinny with a fast metabolism, it’s essential for me to eat a lot to put on muscle mass. I tend to keep it pretty simple with lots of sweet potato, brown pasta and rice as my source of carbohydrate and chicken, tuna and eggs for protein.

What is your remedy against signs of tiredness?

Coffee! Nothing wakes you up on set like a good black coffee, but it’s important to not become too reliant on it. A good moisturiser can also give your skin a boost and get rid of any bags under your eyes.

What foods do you eat to boost energy?

Having a good, balanced start to the day is essential. Protein porridge with banana, cinnamon and peanut butter is my current favourite as a good balance of protein, carbs and fats, which tastes amazing too! To make it I use60g porridge oats, two scoops of whey protein, a banana, a sprinkle of cinnamon and 35g of natural peanut butter.


Do you practice a specific sport to tone your body?

I play seven-a-side football once a week, but that’s more for fun rather than toning my body. Most of my toning comes from those hours in the gym. It’s not quite a sport, but I’ve recently taken up Yoga, as the general health and physique benefits are supposedly very good and it seems to be paying off!

What is your quick, sure-fire  method for body sculpting?

Diet, diet, diet. I would eat particularly clean and count the amount of calories I am consuming, taking on high amount of protein and low carbohydrates. Diet is most important, but I’d also increase my cardio activity, with specific emphasis on interval training.

What is your answer to feeling comfortable in front of the camera?

Firstly, it comes down to experience. The more time you spend in the front of the camera, inevitably the more you comfortable you become. Also, professionalism, people forget that being in front of a camera is a model’s way to earn a living. Keeping this in mind, gives me confidence and belief in what I’m doing, allowing me to relax and enjoy it, which usually produces the best results.

Where is the ideal place for you to disconnect from the world?

The gym is one of my favourite places to escape to, as it seems to help no matter what mood I'm in. Aeroplanes are another ideal spot, I’ve been travelling a lot recently and there is nothing like losing yourself in a good book whilst flying, to disconnect from the world. The fact that nobody can contact you until you land is a strange feeling of disconnection from everything and everyone.

Do you have a favourite fragrance?

Currently, I am wearing Bleu de Chanel, which has a real masculine scent. Another one of my all time favourites has to be 212 Men by Carolina Herrera.

Which three products could you not live without?

To be honest, I tend to mix and match products, but I definitely couldn’t live without my hairdryer and comb. At the moment, the three products I would struggle to live wihtout are Nivea's Rich Nourishing body moisturiser, Go 24/7 Face Scrub and the Cream Wax for my hair.

What is in your address book?

A gym:
EasyGym, 120 Oxford Street, Central London, W1D 1LT

A barber's:
Joe and Co, 22 Peter Street, London W1F 0AG

A spa:
Bannatynes Health Spa, Battle Road, St Leonards-On-Sea, TN38 8EA.

A healthy restuarant:
Lebanese restaurant Meza, 34 Trinity Road, London SW17

Interview by Mélanie Defouilloy (taken from here)