As part of a feature on The Fashionisto Hayn Rockall (Lanvin SS15 campaign) and Josh Bartley (Tom Ford Lips and Boys Campaign) take part in a little Q&A titled 'The Man Behind The Model' - check out their interviews below.

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When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them… (and their reaction is)…
I say that I do a bit of modeling and people are like that’s cool. Then they tend to ask who’ve I’ve worked for and where I have travelled to. Most like the idea and it’s cool to say to people that you have the opportunity to work with some cool brands.

The story of how I got discovered is…
I was on a night out with some friends in Shoreditch/Liverpool Street and I was buying some chewing gum in a local Tesco store. I was scouted by Cesar Perin from Unsigned MGMT whilst in the store who gave me his card and told me to get in touch…crazy but true.

The most famous person I have met:
Has to be David Beckham or Harry Styles. I met David Beckham at The Global Fund fashion event back in September that Unsigned produced. I also met Harry Styles twice, once filming in outside the Unsigned townhouse in Shoreditch and again after the Burberry SS14Show.

The worst piece of advice I’ve been given is…
I’m not sure about the worst piece of advice, but I’d say that it is important to stay true to yourself and not to be manipulated into somebody that you don’t won’t to be or who others want you to be.

My most important relationship is with…
I’d say my most important relationship is with my friends and family. Maintaining contact with a group of close knit friends and having the support of my family is important to me.

Breakfast at the Wolseley or café fry up?
Breakfast at the Wolseley any day. Not the biggest fan of a fry up 

Greatest career highlight?
My greatest career highlight has to be walking exclusively for Burberry in their SS14 womenswear show back in September and being surrounded by top models like Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn and Malaika Firth. It was also my first ever show and my first job as a model. Definitely one of the best days of my life…topped off by attending The Global Fund party hosted by Anna Wintour in London last year–an incredible evening.

Being a model…
Being a model has it’s up’s and down’s but it is a fantastic opportunity to work and travel. I think that it’s important to enjoy all the experiences and be grateful for the opportunities. Can’t thank the guys at Unsigned MGMT enough for the opportunity to experience the roller coaster ride that being a model is….watch this space!



When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them… (and their reaction is)…
When I reply I’m a model, their reaction is almost instantly is, “Which celebs have you met/know?” Once that’s been said it goes onto, how did I get into it, who have I shot for, etc. and that I must live a intense life style.

The story of how I got discovered is…
Well the story of how I got scouted by Cesar Perin was bizarre. My close friend Hisham asked me to come out of town and take a trip out to Manchester as he was trying to uplift my mood as I had just came out of a long relationship. After some convincing I decided to go. I was in Manchester city where I was shopping and I spilt a drink on my top so I thought I would run into Primark to just get a throw away t-shirt but the que inside was ridiculous so I scraped that idea. As I left the shop merely meters ahead a heard a yell. It was Cesar as he come running over to me shouting “Beautiful.” I thought ok this is a bit weird. He then asked me if I had ever thought about modeling and that it’s a must. My first reaction was this is a scam. I’ve heard about this before. We exchanged details and arranged a few polaroids and from there it’s been a dream.

My most important relationship is with…
It has to be with my brothers and sister, mainly my youngest brother because we are only 2 years apart.

My favourite feature is my… (and why)
It has to be my eyes. Although they are a dark brown, I’m always told my eyes are lovely. So that’s the reasoning behind why I like them.

My least favourite feature is my… (and why)
My least favourite feature are my scars although they give me an edge to my look I would like to believe if I didn’t have them my look would be much more cleaner, but on the other hand I could have looked too clean without them.

The last time I saw the sunset…
The last time I saw the sunset was in August last year whilst I was in NYC on top of the Standard hotel roof garden, overlooking the Hudson River. I took the time out of my day to make sure I saw it because it doesn’t come often, seeing such a beautiful sight.

My friends think I…
My friends believe I have one of the best jobs to get into but they also believe it’s also one of the easiest jobs to have, which I would say they have the wrong end of the stick because I respect models that have made a name for themselves because it isn’t easy. The effort that has to go into it. eg: correct diet, gym, enough sleep each night, outshining the rest at castings, making sure your noticed and so on.

My greatest career high to date is…
To this date, it has to be the Tom Ford campaign. It wasn’t just an uplift working for such an iconic brand but it was inspiring. It brings that motivation back in to place allowing me to believe, I actually do have the clean-cut look for higher fashion which is much needed. I felt at home working with such a great team of people.