Everyone say hello to our Newest Face, the amazing Tanner Jones!

What better way to introduce you all to him, than by finding out a little more from the man himself...

Age:  23

Nationality:  American

Hometown:  Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

How were you discovered?

I connected with Cully Wright through Instagram, a photographer in Portland, Oregon - who is now a great friend. He did my first ever photoshoot that ended up as an editorial in CAKE Mag, and he also connected me with my first agency

What were you doing before you were a model?  

Before Modelling I was doing a number of things. I was a Corpsman with the US Navy, having gone on a deployment to Afghanistan as part of a surgical team. I was also attending school in Wisconsin, to be a research biologist

How does it feel now being a model, especially in comparison to your previous line of work - rather a whirlwind eh!

Whirlwind is definitely the perfect word for it. If someone told me a year ago I would be working as a model in London right now, I wouldn't of believed them. I honestly never imagined I would be doing this with my life. I am very thankful for the opportunities I have been given and all the support I have received from my family and friends. I definitely wouldn't be here now without them!  

What makes Tanner tick?

Lately it's been a lot of coffee and my Spotify account. Besides that, what really makes me tick is the people I have in my life; from great family time, to nights on the town with friends 

What is your most treasured possession?  

At the moment I can't think of something I most treasure - I try to not get too attached to possessions 

Favourite Designer?

Lately I have been very inspired by Prada

Couldn’t live without?  

Music, whether I'm happy, sad or anywhere in between, music is something that I couldn't live without. Life would be so boring without it

Currently on your playlist?

My current playlist is over 250 songs. I'm not very picky when it comes to music - right now you could find Aerosmith, Adele, OneRepublic, Robyn, the list goes on

What makes you smile?  

When I'm in public and I see people doing random acts of kindness, not to get ahead in their lives, but because it helps a stranger. You don't seem to see it a lot anymore, but when I do, it makes my day!

Most recent purchase?  

Macaroons at a shop in Covent Garden. The first time I ever tried them they changed my life! I have an uncontrollable sweet tooth

Fave movie of all time?

The 1998 "Great Expectations", hands down!

Highlight of your career so far?  

I recently did a shoot with Ian Cole for one of his magazines. It turned into an editorial for my own issue of "The Champ", a collaboration Magazine between Client and Yearbook 

Can you sum yourself up in three words?  

Spontaneous, creative, goofy

What are your model must haves?  

Again, I have to say music. It gets me in a good state of mind for shooting. Also, a good flat white is very crucial

Currently reading?

A $1.50 copy of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Biggest fear?

I have an unrealistic fear of clowns

Whats your secret to a happy life? 

To not over think things. At the end of the day, what you do with your life is your choice. You have to be happy with that choice and everything that comes along with it

Your mantra is?

Forget about yesterday, live for today, don't worry about tomorrow (we hear ya!)

Obsessed with right now?

London, I have been here for just over 3 weeks and I am in love 

What do you think is the key to a good work / life balance?

Using a calendar and blocking out your time for work, and always making sure there is time for yourself as well 

What does the rest of 2016 hold for you - anything exciting in the pipeline?  

Well my year is going pretty great already. Dropping everything and travelling to London to follow my dreams, doing an editorial shoot that will lead to my own issue of a fashion magazine, getting signed here at Nevs, extending my stay in London by three months to start working, and possibly to be a part of London Fashion Week. I'm just enjoying each day as it comes - it feels pretty surreal sometimes!


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