Schön! Magazine featuring Martin Conte

In an editorial feature named 'Laundry Day' - an piece about this season's hottest new faces - it seems only fair to say that Martin Conte definitely comes clean (pardon the pun) in this interview were he talks about how he started out in modelling and his experiences along the way. If you want to know more behind that beautiful face then definitely check this out. The full feature can be found here...


Schön!: Can you tell us how you got started?
Martin: I’m Brazilian, I was living in south of Brazil. I went to this agency with my sister because she was a model before me. When they were all done, they asked me if I wanted to be a model too, and I was like, ‘No, no way.’

Schön!: How old were you?
Martin: I was maybe seventeen or sixteen and then I think one year or two years later I went to Sao Paulo, and won a contest – Ford Models – then they called me and asked it I wanted to go to Milan.

Schön!: What was your favourite experience?
Martin: My favourite experience was my first season in Paris this January because I opened the Dries Van Noten and Phillip Lim shows on the first day. For me it was the best, I was very surprised. Then I walked for Dior and Lanvin, it was better than I ever imagined

Schön!: How would you describe the feeling of being the first one?
Martin: I was pretty nervous like, ‘Can I do it?’ I didn’t want to fall, because everything was dark in Dries Van Noten. They started out light by light, but I was wearing sunglasses, thinking, ‘Oh, am I in the right spot? Am I doing the right thing?’ When I saw the little spark of the camera I knew that I needed to turn.

Schön!: Would you have fallen off?
Martin: Yea, I was wondering when I would need to turn! Then I saw the camera, and I turned around, and the lights were on and saw everybody and thought, ‘Holy shit.’

Schön!: For you, what makes runway show exciting?
Martin: The music. The music really helps and the catwalk as weel. I did again the Dries show another season and there was a girl playing the drums, it was amazing. I remember Ermenigeldo Zegna had good music and we just needed to walk in a circle – there was no stop. I hate to stop, I just like to walk.

Schön!: How would you compare the experience of runway to doing a photoshoot?
Martin: I think a photoshoot you have to focus on what the photographer wants in the picture, because photographers work in different ways. Some let you move more, some other one say, ‘Do more of this position, stay like this, look more to that side, play with your shirt.’

Schön!: Do you prefer it over shows?
Martin: I like the shows but sometimes it gets to be too much – you have castings, fittings, everything happening at the same time, then you go to a place and you have to run to another one. Its a good thing it’s only two times a year.

Schön!: How would you describe your personal style?
Martin: I don’t really have a style because sometimes I’ll be more casual, just a shirt with a jacket and sneakers – other times I like a big coat, skinny pants and some boots. It depends how I wake up.

Schön!: What would you consider beautiful in fashion?
Martin: I like when there is a story behind a collection. Sometimes the clothes looks so weird, it’s nice to know how they ended up with them.

Schön!: Can you tell us something not a lot of people know about you?
Martin: I was a swimmer before modelling – I was paying half of my university, it was good, but it was too much. I really miss it though – I liked going to competitions, trying to be better and better.

Schön!: What are you looking forward that’s happening soon?

Martin: I’m looking forward to go back to Europe – to see if some campaign comes around, and do some more editorials. I want to go to London as well because I’ve never been there.

Photography - Georgia Nerheim// Fashion - Seymour Glass// Grooming - Shaun Thomas Gibson// Interview - Amanda Vandenberg