Celebrating The beauty Of Buzzcuts And Baldness

Check our babe Scarlett chatting with I-D Magazine

"Whether it's to challenge societal definitions of beauty, a practical choice, or a way of taking ownership of health issues, being bald can be incredibly empowering"

"I didn't really put much thought into shaving my head. I'm a really active person and my hair tended to just get in the way. I'd spend ages styling and highlighting it, but I never particularly liked it or had any attachment to it. So one day I just decided to get rid of it. I didn't really think of what everyone else would think, unfortunately though, a lot of people had something to say and it was mainly negative. However, I have never felt better myself. It was the start of a journey of self exploration and if anyone has a problem with it, it's their problem, not mine"

Photography: Jackson Bowley | Make-up: Bea Sweet | Styling: Ashlee Hill | Hair: James Oxley | Make-up Assistant: Georgia Hope | Digi Op: Eamonn Freel | Photography Assistant: Oscar Eckel | With thanks to Grand Palace Studio


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