Y e a h  I t s  R e a l

Sasha chats to King Kong Magazine!

What was the concept behind the shoot? 

Girl from little village (me) come to big town. Reason – go to church, pray to God.

How did you break your arm?

Yeah its real!

How is living in Kiev?

People wonder all the time what is wrong with them, that they can’t make our country normal

How would you desrcibe Kiev style?

Chinese shit…..And soviet and little bit traditional

Do you feel like an outsider?

Yeah a bit, because I am not religious, employed or motivated. But I don’t think it’s bad!

Whats your biggest goal in life?

I wanna be really busy, doing something really crazy

Which film has had the biggest impact on you?

I have a Top 10 list. But I think it is Drowning By Numbers by Peter Greenway or Theorema by Pasolini.

How would you descibe your personal style?

Usually I look a bit homeless and a little bit retro because I like to wear soviet clothes.

What is the first thing you notice in someone?

I think voice is so important but when it’s a man I always look at their shoes. I don’t know why

Do you ever talk to strangers?

Yeah, but usually I am very shy

When did you last cry? 

Yesterday I think. I miss that time when emo subculture was popular in the Ukraine

Do you hate anyone at the moment?

I hate my English right now because I would like to write so much more but I can only do it in Ukrainian!


Who is your role model? 

Should it be a character? Theodosius Pechersky is very funny, or I think he can be.

What is your dream job?

I wanna do castings for freak shootings. You know, models, body builders, strip dancers, just strange people. Or maybe a night job in a family market in Japan…

Photography: Roman Danko | Styling: Sasha 


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