Serge Meets - Sabreena 

How were you scouted? 

I was actually scouted through Instagram initially, but I applied to my current agencies.

Dream brand to collaborate with?

Well my dream brand to work with was Misguided, but now I get to shoot with them regularly so dream come true! Next best brands; Would love to shoot with Unif or Dolls Kill!

What do you do when your not modelling?

When I’m not modelling I’m travelling, any chance I get I’ll fly away somewhere hot and beachy!

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Cute, Pink & Weird.

Any exciting projects coming up?

I’m flying abroad soon to shoot with an awesome brand so that’s a cool project!

Any hidden talents?

I can flip, twist, curl & turn my tongue into flower shapes!

Favourite piece of the Serge Denimes Collection?

Deffo the denim jacket, so cool & cute!

Photography: Hannah Miles | Location: Naked Dough, Old Street


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