Robert Reider is now in town ya'll!

We caught with our newest face, and all round lovely guy for a quick chat!

Age: 22 

Nationality: Hungarian / Romanian 

Hometown: Transylvania / Cluj-Napoca  

How were you discovered? I got discovered walking down the the street!

What were you doing before you were a model? 

I was a professional basketball player for about 5 years. Basketball was my life, my love, but considering the financial problems that our country was facing, I decided to quit and try to build a future in another field. Right after finishing high school, the most famous TV station from my country offered an internship. Shortly after this I got hired, which was amazing, especially since I had just turned 18. After working here a little while, and studying, I decided to try my luck travelling around the world as a model!

How is 2016 shaping up for you so far?

It's a promising year so far! It started with a trip to Milan for my first fashion week. It was a great experience being there, and walking for Dirk Bikkembergs. After the milanese experience I travelled to Istanbul, (I always come back to Istanbul), I have a lot of friends there, and it's always a pleasure to see them again. In the middle of my contract in Istanbul you guys scouted me, and here I am! A new market to explore, new opportunities, so far I can't complain

How excited are you to be part of the Nevs Family?

Nevs Family = exactly that. A friend of mine from the UK recommended Nevs a few years ago, so I am really excited to be here now

Are you enjoying London (and our British Summer Time!)? 

London is amazing! The city is lovely, the people smile to you on street, is just so different than what I have experienced so far in other cities. The weather is the only thing that I would definitely change :) Why so rainy and cloudy? but well, you know what they say, you can't have it all! I am sure the next few months spent in London will be great, I mean, they already are :D 

What makes you tick? 

Hmm, first of all I have to say that I love my job, I really do, but besides this, I'm a really sporty person. Playing basketball, tennis, swimming or soccer, I'm quite a chilled person so being with my friends and relaxing somewhere in the woods is something that really brings me joy. Recently I gained an interest in photography as well; I like to discover the feelings and emotions that a person can transmit

What are your super essential items you carry with you to castings? 

I was just thinking this over a few days ago, as to what might not be necessary to carry because my bag is always so heavy! So, except for my book, I always have my I-pad with me, sunglasses, charger, headphones, lip balm, hand cream, umbrella, chewing gum and usually some healthy snacks!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy the work, I like shooting and I love to challenge myself. I am really curious as to how many models really do this job because they love it. Besides this, I also like travelling, discovering the beauties of each country, the food, and different cultures and traditions

Quick Fire Q:

What is your most treasured possession?

The education that my parents gave me

Dream Vacation? 

I don't have one, if I'm with good company it could be anywhere! 

Favourite Designer?

Giorgio Armani 

Couldn’t live without?


Currently on your playlist?

LP - Lost on You

What makes you smile? 

Seeing people sharing love 

Most recent purchase?

Dsquared2 Denim shirt 

Fave movie of all time?

Pearl Harbour 

Highlight of your career so far? 

Emporio Armani Lookbook / Dolce & Gabbana Catalogue

Can you sum yourself up in three words?

Motivated - Polite - Trustful 

Currently reading?

Dominique Loreau - Arta Esentei 

Biggest fear?


Whats your secret to a happy life?

It is hard to have a permanently happy life in the society that we are living in, so…

Help, Share, and Love people!

Obsessed with right now? 

Healthy foods 

What do you think is the key to a good work / life balance?

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, help people around you, and always be focused on your goals 

What does the rest of 2016 hold for you - anything exciting in the pipeline?

I don't tend to plan anymore, it makes life even more beautiful and exciting!


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