H i g h  S n o b i e t y 

Auditions # 01 | 05 minutes 

Casting Director Sarah Bunter, Photographer Alex de Mora and HS Fashion Editor Atip W introduce a selection of their most inspiring beauties over on, including three of our lovely ladies, Robbie, Soraya and Wei - check it out below...


Robbie skateboarded into her first casting with us. The last time I saw her she had broken her nose and was refusing to have it set straight; “It doesn’t matter right?” I love her confidence and friendliness, she instantly feels like one of the team. Changing the atmosphere for the better and bringing out the best in other models too. She stands out as someone who thrives from a creative atmosphere. I’m sure modelling will not be her last stop in fashion…

On life outside of modelling

“It’s important to me to keep a really fresh and interesting life outside of modeling. I’ve always been very passionate about drawing and being in a creative environment; I get a lot of encouragement from designers and photographers. Luckily modeling comes with a lot of waiting around so this gives me the chance to get better at something that I love.”

On people

“My favorite people are the ones who take the piss out of themselves…”

On changes

“If there’s anything missing in fashion, I’d say more flat shoes on girls. I skate so my reason is obvious.”

On her modelling experiences

“Fashion is very surreal. My first shoot was swimming in the London Aquarium, I had to feed the sharks. I survived of course…”

On advice

“My advice to young people? If someone tries to give you a perm, just say NO.”


Wei instantly appeared as very wise to me - calming, but passionate and interested. She is a European correspondent for many Asian publications, continuously studying the fascinating parallels and differences between both cultures. Wei is a joy to meet and work with; her love of the industry is apparent as soon as she speaks. Her level and variety of experience shows in every second of her shoot, and her vitality is contagious!

On sizing

“I would like to see a sizing change in the modeling industry. I absolutely admire those early ’90s models and their figures, they were just perfection. I really hope one day we can go back to that era, when the women looked so healthy and sexy!”

On slow fashion

“I’d also like to see ‘slower fashion’. Fast fashion can be fine, social media etc. but I would like to see more real fashion in exhibitions — to be able to touch and feel it, be able to see the art in person and not only from your laptop. It’s time for another legend this century who can take our breath away, make history and culture again. I hope we can give more space and respect to young designers and let them grow and be the way they want to be.”

On modelling

“Modeling does make me happy, but it can feel strange — especially when I see a 10x bigger version of myself on giant posters. There was one in Harrods’ window and I could almost hear my parents saying ‘Wei! You made it! You are in Harrods windows! You can come home now!'”

On advice

“I would encourage young people to enjoy relationships but remember to be independent always.”

On inspirations

“One of my favorite people in fashion is Sir Paul Smith. What a gentleman. Extremely funny, genuine, always taking care of models and surprisingly, super tall?”

On words to live by

“Stop worrying; worries will not take you anywhere!”


I had never met anyone like Soraya - Malaysian heritage and growing up in Germany, studying in Glasgow, she has one of my favorite accents! Five minutes chatting with her is never enough; the last time I saw a small glimpse into her work against Islamophobia. She’s currently working on a short film and her performance work to challenge misguided information from the media. Soraya, I understand if one day you can’t make a casting due to that appointment at the UN…

On advice

“I’ve learned never to take things personally, because if you try hard at something then you will probably face rejection every day, but it has nothing to do with you. With modeling, it’s more about other people and what they are looking for.”

On diversity

“It’s frustrating diversity is still an issue in 2015. White people don’t make up the majority of the world, so why are there only white models in so many shows and campaigns?”

On people

“Kindness is my favorite attribute in people. Sometimes people feel they have to be rude to be respected when on a job, but we are all trying to accomplish the same thing: a finished product of a high standard for the client. It’s such a team effort that being rude to people just doesn’t help anything.”

On friends

“My friends really help me by making sure I don’t take too much to heart…”

On fashion

“There is still so much missing in fashion… but, then again, if everything was perfect there would be no drive for people to change anything, would there?”


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