T h e  S h a v e  O f f 

What: The Biggest Beard Shave Off

When: Saturday July 23rd 

Where: The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club, 384 Old Street, EC1V 9LT

Mission: To direct much needed attention to a cause that hits close to home: Fighting Mesothelioma

This Saturday, 23rd July, the lovely Ricki Hall will be shaving off his infamous beard for a cause very close to his heart

Ricki sadly lost his father to the awful disease, Mesothelioma last year

He was exposed to asbestos, the only proven cause of mesothelioma, in the 1960’s when working in an industrial factory. As Ricki explained; “I want to spread as much education and awareness about this disease, which we still don't know that much about, but that affects so many people and families worldwide”

He hopes that by stripping himself bare, not only is he able to raise money for the Mesothelioma Cancer Trust, but also plans on continuing his efforts behind the shave, in the hope that it will become an ongoing project

You can head down on Saturday and show your support at the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club, whilst Frank Rimer of Thy Barbers makes the magic happen! #thebigshave

Dig deep people!



Want to make a donation? Head over to: JustGiving

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