RICKI HALL - Interview for The Grooming Guide

Ricki Hall's latest interview is with the lovely people at The Grooming Guide as he chats about his favourite products for maintaining that famous beard. Of course having the most influential haircut in Britain, the king of hair is definitely hiding some tricks up his sleeve...

Check out the interview below and check out The Grooming Guide for the breakdown of Ricki's favourite products.

Ricki Hall

An icon for bearded and tattooed guys everywhere and Esquire’s ‘most influential hair in Britain’, Ricki Hall offers us an insight into the products and brands he values the most.

He’s a model and mens grooming connoisseur and has hair that will coax out the green eyed monster in us all! From beard oils to baths, and face scrubs to fancy dress, you’ll want to hear this…

We’re big into beards here at the Grooming Guide and yours is pretty spectacular. How do you take care of it? Do you use a particular brand of beard oil? 
I shampoo and condition my beard every day using The Bearded Man Company beard wash and then I use Captain Fawcett’s beard oil. I’m actually bringing out my own beard oil this Christmas. I’m collaborating with Captain Fawcett on a beard oil called ‘Baccy & Boozy’, it has a very manly smell. I’m also doing a moustache wax.

What about your hair, does that require some taming? What are your go-to hair products? 
My hair is really long at the moment and naturally it’s really straight and thick so it needs some texture. I use a sea salt texture spray such as Davines no. 14 Sea Salt Primer. I also use Suavecito Pomade Brilliantcreme, which keeps hair soft but also gives it a bit of hold.

You’ve got so many tattoos! When did you get your first one? Any aftercare remedies you can recommend for our inked up readers?
I got my first one at 17, which is star on the inside of my ankle. It’s a bit cliché but I still like it as it was my first! I got another one yesterday which is an epaulette on my shoulder. In terms of aftercare I use a tattoo balm by Forever Ink.

Does your job as a model mean you take extra special care of you appearance? What does getting ready in the morning mean for you?
I’m a bath guy – I’m partial to a good half hour soak in the morning. Kiehl’s is a vital contributor to my morning regime. They do a great hair elixir and scalp scrub.

What are the products you can’t live without? 
Kiehl’s face scrub and body moisturiser are two of my favourites. It’s important I keep my skin moisturised because of my tattoos. I also reckon a good cologne is very important!

Do you have a signature scent? 
I usually go for Penhaligon’s Sartorial Eau de Toilette for day and Tom Ford Noir for night.

What about a favourite fragrance for a woman?
I’m actually really into a woman’s natural scent rather than layers of perfume. Pheromones can be enough. Molecule 01 is perfect for this. I like light, natural scents on a woman, nothing too overpowering.

Where do you stand on sharing products with a girlfriend? Are there any that are just too special to swap? 
It’s kind of a no go zone…! I’m the same with my friends, if anyone messes with my Kiehl’s it drives me mad! I even have an ‘odds and sods’ basket for people to use when they come over. I don’t make exceptions for anyone.

You have a very individual style, who are you ultimate style icons? 
Del Boy has got to be the main one – I dressed up as him for an Only Fools and Horses convention recently which ended up being a bit embarrassing. I like 80s inspired style, basically anyone from the film ‘The Business’.

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