Nevs are very pleased to have been a part of the brand concept of Gaolhouse Denim - as the one and only Ricki Hall fronts their latest lookbook.

If you haven't heard of Gaolhouse Denim before - their story is below...

"Of the 85,000 prisoners in the UK, only 10,000 of them are in everyday work. The rest, well, they sit in their cells and wait for their sentence to pass. It’s no secret that the UK government want to try and get all prisoners to engage in a full working week, the only remaining problem is finding enough work for them. That’s where we came in."

Gaolhouse works alongside the inmates in Britains prisons to help rehabilitate and help increase their skillset for when they are looking for work after prison life. Not only is this encouraging a positive work ethic, but Gaolhouse make some kick-ass premium jeans that's all manufactured in the UK. A proportion of the proceeds from each sale are also donated to charity.

We are loving this concept and so glad that Ricki got to be a part of it!

Visit Gaolhouse's website here for more info.