Nice work from Ricki Hall -  'Booze & Baccy' Eau De Parfum in collaboration with Captain Fawcett - available to buy now!

"I was thinking about what men were like when I was kid, strong blokes who didnt apologise for being masculine. I wanted to bring that back - the smell of being an adult in the 70's and 80's - booze, cigarettes, leather, aftershave, pub - a bit of time travel. 

This sort of man, hes pulling up in Ford Capri, leather jacket, hairy chest in an open shirt with a gold chain. Pint in his hand, pack of Bensons, laid back and smart with an eye for the ladies and a reckless streak but honourable you know - a proper gentleman, cocksure but a real charmer, everyone wants to be around him but a look in his eye means you wouldnt cross him. Its a real intense male scent - assertive, potent, the kind worn by a man with a score to settle, but only once hes finished his pint"

Film: Roam and Seek | Motion and Design: Reuben Design | DOP: Benson Neilan | Soundtrack: Jamie Frye | Stills Photography: Iain Crockett | Suit: John Lancaster - VS Mono | Location: Whistling Shop


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