Richie Culver has recently collaborated with Topman to create a limited edition range of tops, T-Shirts and hats that have all been inspired by his personal style and work in earlier life.

In this film starring Nevs new face Finlay McCoy, it follows the experiences as Culver moved from his beloved hometown of Hull to the big bad city of London.

In an interview taken from Topman's website, find out more about Richie and his collaboration below...

How would you describe your work as an artist to someone who has never seen it before?
I guess there is a lot of humour in there. Pieces like my ‘I love you’ piece show how I think and feel. I can’t write songs or play a guitar but my art is very personal so it’s my way of writing a song. It’s autobiographic. You can learn a lot about me through it.

Do you think fashion should make as much of a statement as art?
I wouldn’t say I’ve tried to make a statement. With my art, I try not to alienate people. I want everyone to try it. Same with this collection.

What do you think art means to an ordinary guy?
Art means nothing. You say the word art and it rings a different bell to anyone who doesn’t know about art. It would be nice if my collection could hit those types of channels. Its like when you walk into a record shop, it can be intimidating if you are new to it. It’s the same with art galleries, a lot of people in smaller towns have to feel brave to do that. So, I hope my collection can introduce people to the idea of art.

You have a unique style, has this always been a natural thing for you?
I’ve always been into fashion. When I first left school, I actually wanted to be a footballer. That didn’t work out but when I moved to Leeds I did a lot of work in retail and that kick-started my interest in fashion. I look my look but I've never wanted to be too aware of it. It just comes very naturally to me.

You are based in Berlin at the moment, has the city inspired the way you dress?
In Berlin, you can get away with a lot more there when it comes to dressing down. Recently I’ve been wearing a lot of tracksuit bottoms. Berlin is very much like the whole of East London – there is no Chelsea or Knightsbridge there. It’s all a community of creativity and there is a certain look. In London it’s far more varied depending on the area you live in but with Berlin it’s just the one thing.

What’s your favourite item in the collection?
The t-shirt called Ken's Lass, which is Barbie’s legs dangling.

If you could offer men one style tip, what would it be?
Never compromise. If you like it, do your own thing.

Does this collaboration feel like a return to your British roots?
Yeah, very much so and Topman is a brand that’s always been in my life. When I was eleven years old, I think Leeds United had Topman as a sponsor. And I’ll never forget buying my first Topman shirt.