So, since winning The Sun Newspaper's Hunk Hunt competition in summer, Alex Parsons has been very much in demand and we totally get it - Look at that face/body...come on...

In a recent shoot with Claudio Harris, Alex sits down with Lewis Magazine to chat about 'the whole modelling thing' and generally what he's into...

"How did you get into modelling?

I won a competition in the sun newspaper and the prize was a contract with Nevs modelling agency

What advice would you give a young model?

Just to be confident and enjoy every moment…as it will all be captured!

How did you feel when you did your first ever fashion show/photoshoot?

I got thrown into the deep end and the first ever shoot I done went into the sun newspaper

What is the first thing you notice about someone?

Definitely someone’s eyes!

In your opinion, what is the best holiday destination?

With my mum being Italian and this not being biased but most definitely the amalfi Coast in Italy!

Any hobbies?

Football, golf and the gym.

Favourite food?

Lasagne made by my Nonna (grandmother in Italian) will always be the winner!

What is your biggest dream and Fear?

My biggest dream has changed a lot in the last few years but to do a big campaign for a big designer is of course the dream now and my biggest fear are clowns…saw way to many little kids dressed as clowns on Halloween and I just gave them whatever sweets they wanted when they came trick or treating to get them away from my front door! 

Describe London in three words.

Weekend every day

What part of your body do you like the most?

I’m going to say my eyes

What is your biggest flaw?

My timekeeping away from work etc is absolutely awful! All my friends know I’ll be late to picking them up!

What is your favourite TV show? Band? Singer?

It’s easily Match of the day!

Who is your role model?

My Nonno (Grandfather in Italian) who sadly isn’t with us anymore.

Who supported you the most in the pursuit of a modelling career?

My family have always been there no matter what route I’ve taken. Also got to say in the first place my sister was big support as she sorted me out to get my pictures in for the sun competition!


Have you had any bad experiences in modelling? If so, what did your learn from it?

The only one would be that I broke somebody’s shoes on a test shoot recently!

What was the last place you visited?

Alexander house hotel and spa in turners hill. Came out feeling like a new man!

Tell us something funny or unusual about you.

Maybe I’m a boring guy but the only thing I would say is that my left shoe and sock has always got to go on first and if I put them on and can’t remember which one I put on first then I have to take them both off and start again."

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