By now you've probably heard about the amazing beard exhibition that's launching this year at Somerset House due to the array of bearded beauties that have got involved - from respected actor John Hurt to one of our favourite beards that will ever exist - the one and only Ricki Hall.

Taken by esteemed photographer and friend Brock Elbank, a series consisting of 80 portraits all started as a charity project when Elbank collaborated with Jimmy Niggles who started his own charity 'Beard Season' in Australia which raises awareness about skin cancer by encouraging guys to grow beards. Find out more here.

With this, the guys contacted people from around the world - all of who have epic, flamboyant or just 100% respectable facial hair to be part of the project. Travelling all over the world, the project was born and we can't wait to see it open - especially in Somerset House!

All proceeds from #Project60 will go to Beard Season.

Ricki - you'll always be our number 1 beard.

Follow him on instragram - @rickifuckinhall