Check Prim sharing her thoughts on Politics, Race and Mental Health with High Snobiety

"We cast Prim to be one of the few womenswear models in the mens shows in January – her look became one of the most iconic of our season. Interested in work behind the camera, Prim is also inquisitive and informed, planning to direct her own work in the coming couple of years. Constantly questioning how we receive and perceive information, we look forward seeing her own work very soon…

One thing I am noticing is the selective coverage of media and how it only portrays what sells and not what matters, for example the war in Syria. Trump is causing a lot of controversy right now which gets so much attention but still no one seems to know what to do about the bombing and killings in Syria…

I think the future of fashion will incorporate more gender-neutral concepts since there has been a large movement recently that encourages people to consider a person’s gender on a spectrum rather than through defined labels.

Im also fascinated by Bhutan because it is a country that doesn’t use modernisation and technology to influence their country.  Their way of life has not changed in years – its also interesting that they limit the amount of people who can visit their country.

Everything seems to be built to make life much more convenient for people. For example, if you want to watch live jazz music you can just do that on youtube. You don’t need to travel all the way to a jazz bar to do that. Getting out of your comfort zone and actually doing things in reality is a much better way to create experiences in life"

Photography: Daniel Fraser | Art Director: Atip W | Video chats: Oliver Boo


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