T o u g h  A s  N a i l s

So much love for our Nevs Gals Poppy and Tania, Honouring International Womens Day with a "Tough As Nails" Editorial for Hypebae

"Today we celebrate women past and present. March 8 is the day we stand up to represent a century-old movement that represents women’s equality and emancipation – made more special by the progressive and altitudinal change in society’s thoughts"

Stylist and creative Coco Mell took to WAH Nails in Soho, London to orchestrate her “Tough As Nails” editorial. On the inspiration, she remarked:

“I wanted to create a piece that supports the core principles of what I.W.D. represents – unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action.”

Photographer : Andre Titcombe | Styling: Coco Mell | Style Assistant: Shardaine Seaton | Make-up: Monnie Kaur | Hair: Portia Ferrari


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