We are so IN LOVE with Nevs Gal Poppy Ajudha performing her new single 'Love Falls Down' | A COLORS SHOW for Colors Berlin - What a voice!

"Poppy's take on modern jazz will undoubtedly take your breath away"

Keeping jazz refreshing with dreamy songs packed with emotion, South London’s Poppy Ajudha is one of many artists bearing the flag for the jazz scene in the UK.

Last summer, Ajudha followed up the enchanting “David’s Song”, an exploration of love and loss dedicated to saxophonist David Turay with the equally arresting “Peace of Mind”. Whilst both songs are well over five minutes long, Ajudha captures your attention and holds it there as the sombre instrumentation peppered with lush piano and guitar melodies swell and sway.

Binding everything together, is of course that magnificent honey-toned vocal, traipsing with ease across those lush soundscapes. There’s a depth beyond her younger years, an emotive tug that draws you in with each and every line, word, syllable.

Lose yourself to the singer’s enthralling performance of her brand new single “Love Falls Down” above, where the Londoner transports you to a world of bliss.

Looking forward, 2017 is set to be an incredibly exciting year for the Londoner who aside from releasing a new single and video, is currently working on her new EP as well as some “special collaborations".

You can read more about Poppy over at Colors HERE 

Styling: Sara Juric | Hair and Make-up: Rocco Kowalski | Text: Deep Shah 


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