Check out this editorial feature for Boys By Girls featuring the lovely Olivier Geraghty...

"From the pallid hues of Twisters to the colour blocked Fabs, we all had a favourite, a loyal iced confectionary that would never fail to satify that childhood sweet tooth. Bringing back the nostalgia of a more infant time, when all that really mattered was the clear divide between lolly and sand, this week Verena Stefanie Grotto joins model Olivier pitching a vivid display of sweet male perfection.

With a look that defines all notions of ‘lean and clean’, there’s little attire Olivier at Nevs can’t work. From the campaigns of Crombie to the Runways of Milan, Olivier’s look has the effortless ability to sculpt to each style. Making the most of such opportunity, stylist Ayishat Akanbi selects an amalgamation of playful pieces, from the sterile white blazer at Billionaire Boys Club to the pastel snapbacks of Golf Wand and Stussy, the editorial tells a tale of childhood tones at their best.

Despite being saturated in sugary shades, Verena captures Olivier at his most content. It seems whether on shoot, or in the presence of an old school favourite, the ice cream van, this naturally cool chap remains composed; his gaze frozen in frames all for us to melt over."

Photography VERENA STEFANIE GROTTO // Stylist AYISHAT AKANBI // Make up NATASHA BUCHANAN // Words Fenn O'Meally.