Being nominated for humanitarian of the year on awards list is a pretty big deal and if you didn't know who Nykhor Paul was, you definitely do now.

As an unstoppable force in fashion and in human rights, Nykhor camapigns for peace in South Sudan with her foundation We Are Nilotic. Her aim? To promote peace and unity among the 64 tribes in South Sudan. Using her epic model status to her advantage, Nykhor isn't just a pretty face, she's a fighter and we support her every single step.

In this feature for i-D Magazine, Nykhor speaks out about her experiences as a refugee and her feelings when she was finally reuinted with her family after 16 years apart. Pick up your copy of i-D now to read the full story!

Visit the We Are Nilotic Facebook page to help support this cause and you can also follow Nykhor's journey via her Instagram: @nykhor