M o d e l  C r u s h  M o n d a y 

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I have been know to be able to spot and up and comer in the model game.  I first saw this face during New York fashion week and thought hmm finally someone interesting.  

“She isn’t quite what you would expect me to look up too. But she was one of those models who never gave a care and was just so badass. Omahyra Mota”

She reminded me of Omahyra Mota, one of my favorite models from back in the day.  Her Dior ad is iconic they just dipped her in gold.  A real New York girl, it was amazing to find out after interviewing Nejilka Arias and following her on snapchat that,  we had a love for a lot of the same things.  AndOmahyra Mota was one of them, we will leave the rest on snapchat.  Now let’s get back to this interesting and non apologetic face.   Her stats and what she get’s up to between New York, London and Tokyo. 

SC: Where from? 

Nejilka Arias: I’m 21 years old and I am born & raised in Brooklyn, NY. I’m half Dominican; Both of my parents are from Santiago, Dominican Republic. I’m based in London now.

SC: What was your first memory of fashion?

Nejilka Arias: My first memory of fashion goes back as far as Marc Jacobs for MTV. I think that’s when I fell so much in love with fashion.

SC:  How were you discovered?

Nejilka Arias: Well, I wasn’t discovered. I used to intern at Marc Jacobs. My boss Jina, suggested I should get into Modeling. And so I submitted to a few agencies, signed with my mother agency and here I am! Boom.

SC: What has been your favorite modeling career moment so far?

Nejilka Arias: My favourite moment by far is working for Hunger magazine. The whole set was amazing,and the crew; we were dancing and had loads of giggles. It felt like a high school project with your friends. On top of it all, I got to shoot with my best friend who’s also a model. I’ve never shared so many great moments in such a small amount of time.

SC:  What do you love and hate about Snapchat?

Nejilka Arias: I use my snapchat camera more then iPhone camera. I really love that now we have a storage just for snaps!!! My iCloud is finally not full of memory woooohooo! I don’t hate anything about snapchat. I’m loving these updates!

 SC:  Favorite designer? To work for?

Nejilka Arias:  I don’t have just one favourite designer. I have loads for many reasons.  But my biggest dream designer to work with is between Marc Jacobs.

SC: What is your must have on the road beauty product?

Nejilka Arias: Must have two things.

1. Dr Khiels Ultra Facial Moisturiser 2. Rosebud Lip Balm

SC:  What are you up to when you’re not modeling?

Nejilka Arias:  When I’m not Modeling, I’m usually exploring and taking photographs. I go to loads of art/photography exhibitions, festivals, and thrift shopping. There’s always something new to do everyday in London.

SC:  Where do you see yourself in five years?

Nejilka Arias: I don’t quite know where I could be in 5 years. There’s so many things I want to pursue in the creative industry. Maybe a creative director for editorial sets or magazine perhaps. Maybe a fashion photographer. Maybe an art collector with my own gallery.

SC:  What model do you look up to?

Nejilka Arias:  She isn’t quite what you would expect me to look up too. But she was one of those models who never gave a care and was just so badass. Omahyra Mota.

SC:  What would you change about the modeling game?

Nejilka Arias: This whole perspective to be a successful model you have to be anorexic skinny and white.

SC:  What are you listening to right now?

Nejilka Arias:  A mix of Sade.

SC:   You are not a New Comer/New Face.  What would you say you are?
Nejilka Arias:  I don’t know what I am. Just a lot of people in the industry tell me they’ve never seen a look like mines. So I guess I’m just an alien in the bunch.


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