Nejilka for SOS as ft on Hunger

SOS: The New Brexit Infused Brit Label To Watch Out For 

"Where do you get your hair done?’ Is one of the first questions I ask Steve Smith of SOS when we meet in Brixton. Much like his rebellious garms, the bright bleached crop is not hard to spot in a crowd.

Initially inspired by a fictional female knight, the emerging London-based designer’s AW17 offering is rooted in the clash of Britain’s murky past and present.‘I love to have a narrative but I also wanted to have a more contemporary swing point,’ Steve says. ‘I’m very interested in Brexit – I was designing the collection about the time Article 50 was triggered – and I was also thinking about The Reformation as another significant break from Europe.’

The result? A rebooted red Cromwell Suit, avant-garde shapes and ‘headline tees’. After four years studying at the Rhode Island School of Design and a brief stint interning at Ashley Williams, Smith is prepping for his London Fashion Week debut in September. HUNGER caught up with the rising talent to talk Britishness, badass women and what it takes to build your own brand in 2017…" Go check the interview over @ Hunger

Photography: Kian Benjamin | Styling: Lucy Upton-Prowse | Bespoke Wigs: Takuya Morimoto & Natalie Doke | Makeup: Grace Vee | Set: Clarissa Livcock | Jewellery: Slim Barrett | Platform Boots: Natacha Marro | Styling Assistant: Jade Moore | Photography Assistant: Nat Tong


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