Nejilka catches up with Go-See

Photography: Tré + Elmaz | Styling: Yeon You | Hair: Hirokazu Endo | Makeup: Ziima Yosuke Nakajima

Whats your background and where did you grow up?
Both of my parents are from Dominican Republic. Both of them migrated to the states. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY

Tell us what you believe is the best and worst thing about modelling?
The best thing about modelling is the traveling you get to do through jobs or the markets you can work in. For example I've already been to Japan and it doesn't stop there! One of the worst things about modelling is rejection. Sometimes you think the problem is you but really you aren't the problem. Just what they're not looking for at that moment. It's important to keep humble and have patience

Whats your views on the current political state the US is in at the moment?
Haha, well I have a really strong opinion. I don't agree with either parties. I was pro Bernie Sanders. But ever since the presidential election, I really do not like what it's doing to my country. We're suppose to stand together as a nation, not be against each other, especially now

If you had to pick one place to live in the entire world for the rest of your life, where would it be and why?
Ideally would be somewhere with a hot climate, fresh fruit grown, and loads of mountains, forests and views. Maybe that could be Cambodia, or even South America

Where is home?
Home is where the heart is, and mine is everywhere


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