T h e  F i n a l  G i r l 

Maomi in the new editorial "The Final Girl' for Superhero Magazine 

"Think Neve Campell in “Scream”, Brandy in “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer” and Jamie Lee Curtis in “Halloween”, all three iconic in their own right outsmart the killer and their way to the end. Inspired by my love of teen slasher movies “The Final Girl” is a closely collaborated project with stylist Racquella Cass, who uses an array of animal prints and 80s, 90s inspired looks to portray the animalistic instincts that are released when faced with extreme danger" 

Photographer & Art Direction: Lewis Vorn | Stylist: Racquella Cass | Makeup: Yasmin Schwitzer | Assistant: Juliette Najman


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