Prynce chats to High Snobiety

Get to know Lord x Prynce, the A$AP Mob's Producer-in-Demand..

Photography: Brendan Wixted | Styling: Bronson Vajda | Jewellery: NYC Luxury | Interview: Alexandra Mautone

When you think A$AP Mob, it’s likely that A$AP Rocky and his street style swagger immediately come to mind, or perhaps the bars of A$AP Ferg’s “East Coast” float into your head. But what about the beats behind the crew’s bangers? Look no further than LordxPrynce, the A$AP Mob’s current producer-in-demand. He’s the mind behind A$AP Ferg’s Migos-featuring “Trap Anthem,” and Marty Baller’s “Inferno” and “I’m a Dog.”

In addition to his burgeoning career in production, Prynce can frequently be seen on runways around the world. Naturally, we thought we’d get LordxPrynce to strike some poses for us, and also sat down with him to discuss working with A$AP Mob, his new album, and his secret metal head status.

How do you balance being a model and producing music?

I try to be organized by sticking to a schedule. I try to make the most of my time with balance and dedication. Time is everything; it’s the only thing we all have. If there is a chill day and I’m not out shooting, I’ll be home all day. Cooking up, creating a schedule for myself and focusing how to grow both as an artist and as a model.

What was it like to create your own album rather than for someone else?

It’s a lot of organizing. It’s a lot of extra work such as getting promotion, and making sure everything sounds perfect. As a producer, the process is still the same. Just cook up and put together what you feel the people would like. The only difference is, I have the last say.

How did you get collaborations to be on this album?

Well the songs with features are songs that are already out. So we already recorded those together in the studio. But I work regularly with Marty Baller and A$AP Ferg. I’m their little brother; they’re always down to hop on my tracks. As for Migos, Ferg made that happened and introduced us.

How did you get involved with A$AP Mob?

Through Marty baller, he introduced me to Ferg back in 2012 before any of this started. When I first started coming around, I always was just watching; soaking everything like a sponge. Then I started to learn and build up to where I am.

Did working with them influence whom you feature on your album?

Yeah of course; it was a heavy influence on every track, especially Marty. He was probably the biggest influence because we still grind together. They had an influence even on the instrumentals tracks. Either way I was at their crib or at the studio with them when I made them.

Do you find that there is any correlation between fashion and music?

Yeah, there is a big relationship between music and fashion. I had the pleasure of working with Andrew Wier for Jeffrey fashion cares. After we shot the promotion, he wanted me to make the beat they used for the video. I set myself up for a challenge because it was a total different vibe and it wasn’t anything like I was used to creating.  It made me expand sounds that I haven’t used before. I had to think outside the box and overall he loved it. This helped build a stronger relationship between me and clients, because who doesn’t love music? I just had a similar experience in L.A. shooting with Only the Blind. They’re going to use my music for their seasonal collection promo.

Do you find the creative process different?

As for production the creative process is pretty much the same when it comes to making music.

How does your environent influence your sound?

My environment has a heavy impact on my craft. Especially my current environment, being born and raised in New York, I’ve seen and experienced a lot of crazy things. It put so much inside me, that it made me want to leave. I can’t go running around saying that I want to leave to everybody. I need a ticket, a way out. So I’ll lock up and make some harder stuff; either some dark trap music or a crazy soft melody. That’s why I love traveling; it gives me the opportunity to change my environment and give me a whole new vibe.

Any artists you listen to that people wouldn't expect you to?

Of course! Only people that really know me know that I’m a metal head. A lot of people wouldn’t expect that. But I grew up listening to A Day to Remember, Beneath the Sky, As I Lay Dying, Bring Me the Horizon, Parkway Drive, Devil Wears Prada; man I could just go on.

Check out LordxPrynce’s SoundCloud to dig into his music, and his Instagram to catch a glimpse into his world.


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