Back in February, we caught up with the lovely Lise Aanes about life as a Nevs model, and her serious passion for food.

Since then shes been hard at work; cooking, writing, writing and more cooking, which has excitedly now resulted in the launch of her new website, Alien Seas

As Lise informed us, the website is aimed to help people heal themselves using food as medcine. The blog side of the site will, in turn, hopefully create an element of curiousity for people about what, and how they eat, and look to inspire through the art of alternative cooking.

Find out more about how to cook with home grown foods, including delicious and healthy recipes, as well as some pretty meaty (pun intended) and geeky articles about food and nutrition, in which she breaks down some complicated science to simpler paragraphs (amen!) Congrats Lise!

Dinner inspo imminent.. 

You can catch our February Q&A with Lise here


Follow Lise on Instagram: @liseaanes