H a p p y  V i b e s 

We caught up for a quick chat with the very beautiful Larissa Leonel

Age: 17

Nationality: Brazilian

Hometown: Ouro Preto - MG, Brazil

How were you discovered?

I went to a shopping mall in the capital of my state, and a manager from a big agency in Brazil scouted me

What were you doing before you were a model?

I was playing with my barbies hahaha (I was 12 when I got scouted so...) 

What makes Larissa tick?

The unexpected is what makes me tick, makes me get up every morning, and makes me keep going. You never know what could happen in your day! It can be the best day of your life, or maybe not, but you'll just find out living it! 

What is your most treasured possession?

Something with sentimental value to me, so I'd say the necklace that my mum was given when she turned 15, and that at my 15th birthday, she gave to me

Favourite Designer?

Alexander McQueen ♡

Couldn’t live without? 


Currently on your playlist? 

Tim Legend - Hope (feat. BR/\VE)

What makes you smile?

Simple things like sarcasm. It's not that hard to make me smile, I'm always smiling! 

Most recent purchase?

A flowered silk jacket

Fave movie of all time? 

Girl Interrupted

Highlight of your career so far? 

Currently being signed by NEVS :) I have also just started travelling and building up a nice book, so the next highlight of my career is still yet to happen, watch this space!

Can you sum yourself up in three words?

I don't know..! That's tough, but I'd say talkative, understanding, and simple

What are your model must haves?

Book, phone, power bank, water, sunglasses, lip balm and gum!

Currently reading? 

Before I Fall, by Lauren Oliver

Biggest fear?

I'm pretty anxious from time to time, so I have momentary fears that at some point, seems like the biggest of them all, but thank fully it always goes away 

Whats your secret to a happy life?

Don't overthink stuff, let things flow, and just be happy :) happy people are happier!

Your mantra is?

Ommmmm. Just kidding haha my mantra is "thank you" 

Obsessed with right now?

Surprisingly i'm not obsessed with anything right now..

What do you think is the key to a good work / life balance?

Organisation I think 

What does the rest of 2016 hold for you - anything exciting in the pipeline?

I think I will be in London until August, but from there to November I have no idea where in Europe I will live (which is all part of the fun!), then I will go back to Brazil for the next season - A model's life overseas! The most exciting thing is that you don't know what's going to happen next...!


Follow Larissa on Instagram: @lareleonel