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Our Nevs babe Lara chats to Hunger Magazine

Meet Alt-Beauty Bae - Lara McGrath aka @thegoatdancer 

I love that people always wanna know,” Lara Mcgrath tells Hunger. The mystery the 21-year-old model is referring to is, in fact, her Insta-moniker @thegoatdancer. “Me being the weirdo that I am was in the toilets at school doing a dance in the mirror when I shouted to my mate ‘I just did a dance and looked like a goat!’ That was me for life. It’s been my name ever since I started on the gram.”

The Bolton-born beauty represents a new pack of models breaking the mould right now; free-spirited, uncompromising and redefining beauty (her style, she says, is a cross between Pat Butcher and Paris Hilton). Below, the rising talent shares with us her role in designer Dilara Findikoglu’s female utopia, “fucking sick” must-follows to add to your feed and makeup mania…

Hi Lara! How did you get into modelling? Have you always been into fashion?

Well, I was on all the classic amateur model platforms like model mayhem and purple port and after I swerved all the emails about crushing grapes with my feet I actually managed to start building a collection of images with local photographers. I considered myself a quadruple threat having always been interested in modelling, styling, makeup and design so it and I had orchestrated so many mini shoots in my living room it seemed like a natural progression. It also helped me begin to make a transition into runway which is my major America’s Next Top Model fantasy realised.

What does beauty mean to you? 

Beauty to me is more a verb than a noun – more dynamic than static. I am beauty and I experience others beauty everyday and I love it like that.

We love your Insta-feed for thinking outside of the box beauty. What’s your key makeup essentials?

I always keep a felt-tip black eyeliner handy. I bleached my brows over a year ago to be able to play with brow placement as it can really change the shape and expression of your face in an instant – also makes a fab lip liner. I’d also say a matte red lipstick, used on my lips, lids and cheeks. A liquid highlighter [too] is essential because who doesn’t like to shimmer?

If you could only have one colour in your makeup kit what would it be and why? 

Would have to be a magenta! It’s looks sick on the lips, is really nice high on the cheekbones – serving 80s Grace Jones realness and is good on the lip as a solid block of colour or buffed out into the brows. I prefer my makeup to jar with my outfit too so magenta is good for that – helps me scare away the basics.

Who are your top Instagram must-follows?

@Jonimitchellontherun is sick and she makes garms out for everyday objects which always makes me think “shit I wish I thought of that first”, @virgomood for everyday inspo and @styleakidd is a insta I’m working on with my best mate Freyah Brook (@fattehfrey) to showcase our all round creativity in images making.

What young fashion brands are you really excited about now?

I mean brands sort of makes me think of people super established but I’ve worn some pieces by a couple of graduates Paolina Russian (@calurvillade) and by Ben Duncan at shoots and they are f*cking sick. It’s sort of football meats high fashion with a bit of bad tourist mixed in and Im super here for repurposing of clothes given the ridiculous mass production of clothes to match consumerism. Speaking of repurposing Conner Ives is doing bits at the moment. His clothes are stunning mismatched the shirt dresses,  Tayloring and gorgeous vintage fabrics. Plus he’s still at CSM but is dressing big faces.

You recently modeled for Dilara Findikoglu’s AW18 show – what was that experience like? 

I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in Dilara’s show/presentation for the past four seasons. She has really been a blessing for me. Fashion week can be disheartening when you don’t fit the mould – but Dilara celebrates the female and makes outfits specifically to showcase my full bust when most of fashion want to run a million miles from boobs. She’s a strong confident bad ass woman with a non-conformist stance, much like my own which I think draws us to one another.

Also you modelled for SOS’s AW18 lookbook – what do you love about designer Steve O Smith’s work?

What don’t I about Steve’s designs! I mean zebra, cheetah, hot pink snakeskin, and silk bias dresses in the same collection! Steve is an incredibly talented pattern cutter who knows how to but also takes the time and effort required to dress a woman’s body, he fit each piece to me hence why I look so snatched! He’s certainly another one to watch.

Who is your forever style muse?

I really love eccentric old ladies – it’s how I see myself in the future. But if I had to name a few it’s probably a mix of Pat Butcher, Dolly Parton, Boy George, Amanda Le’pore and Paris Hilton!

Who would your dream designer be to work with in the future?

I was super here for when fashion was a fantasy that transcended commercial viability which I think we’ve lost slightly but c’mon Lara head out of the past. [Vivienne] Westwood would be amazing because I love a home-grown star and she’s always provided collections with some bite to them. I’m really into Lotta Volkova + Johnny Duforts shots for Balenciaga at the moment, so that would be bloody lovely too.

What’s up next for you?

@thegoatdancer world take over soon pending.

Images: Olivia Davies  | Text Emma Firth


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