4 team members, 15 mountains, 24 hours...

Young people's mental well-being has suffered throughout this pandemic and health services are struggling to offer essential support to those who need it most. Nevs model, Kammi & a group of his friends selected charity, YoungMinds, lead the battle against youth mental illness and they are asking you to DONATE NOW and help them reach their goal of £1,000!

To raise money, the team are putting their minds and bodies to the ultimate test by traversing the peak of 15 mountains in Wales, in just 24 hours (All greater than 3000ft!).

Without delving too deep into the team's personal issues, they say that this challenge is also about proving what we can do when we take matters into our own hands, to help others, and ourselves.
Please join them on their journey and donate whatever you can.

Donate Here: Go Fund Me

With @summit_seekers  ensuring that the boys are fuelled and fed for the challenge, their aim is to traverse the whole mountain range in less than 24 hours starting on 10th September 2021. 


Ahead of his expedition next month, we caught up with Kammi below...


Throughout this pandemic, young people's mental health has suffered immensely and many took solace in being outdoors in nature. What ways have helped you cope during this challenging period? 

I took this pandemic as an opportunity to focus on myself. For example, I bought dumbbell weights, I started running and took even better care of my skin. Skincare and drinking plenty more water! So I took it as an opportunity to grow.


Why is Young Minds Charity close to your heart?

Young minds are close to our hearts because all four of us have struggled when we were younger with our mental health - and back then we didn’t have the help we do nowadays! And to this day it is still not spoken about enough, so we understand the everyday struggles of young people, we really do.


What more do you think needs to be done to tackle the mental health crisis in the UK, particularly for the younger generation?

We need to ensure that there are multiple avenues they can go down to get help, and to make sure they know where to go, when to go and who can help. The government seem to not care about this crisis but they could do so much more. 


What made you decide to climb 15 mountains in 24 hours & how did you choose which ones/ your route? 

So I wanted to do the 3 peaks challenge and when I was researching it all I stumbled across the 15 peak challenge. So I took it on myself and decided to ask a few friend, some said no “are you crazy” but luckily the 3 I chose said yes. It was also my idea for charity and I think it will mentally and physically rewarding in every sense of the word!


How have you prepared (both mentally & physically) for this trek, have you been training for a few weeks/ months?

We have all been doing lots and lots of cardio, sprints, high incline walks. And progressively doing it more and more and more!


What are your top 3 essentials that you've packed for this expedition?

Top 3 essentials are: multiple protein shakes, protein bars and plenty of water!


Talk us through your plan of action - will you be continuously walking or setting up camp on the mountains? 

We will be setting up camp on the night of the 9th. Getting up very very early on the 10th and continuously walking, only stopping for food breaks and water breaks!


Is this the first time you've ever done something like this, do you have any plans to do more charity work in the future?

This is all our first time doing this, and I would absolutely love to do this again! I have a sky dive scheduled for this month also so I might rebook and do it for charity too!


How can people find out more information about the charity/ get involved/ donate?

If you want to find out more about the charity please find them online or on Instagram @youngmindsuk. And our go fund me link is on my Instagram @thekammihayden


What's the one thing you're hoping to take away from this trip?

A sense of worth, pride, memories and most importantly knowing we have done this for a good cause!


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