O b s e s s e d

Kaltbut Magazine is just as obsessed with Jae Kim as we are!

Copy & Photography: Karl Slater

KALTBLUT: How were you discovered?
JAE: I was introduced by one of my friend to my mother agency, Tweny Models Management Cape Town.

KALTBLUT: What has been the high light to you career so far?
JAE: Highlight of my career was just working super exaughsting and hard, and have good outcome out of it.

KALTBLUT: What item of clothing could you not live without?
JAE: I don´t really wear accessories, but I can’t not wear underwear and there is no reason why.

KALTBLUT: Whats you favourite food?
JAE: Sushi…and noodles

KALTBLUT: What was the last music track you listened too?
JAE: Pae Ki by Azizi Gibson

KALTBLUT: If you were an animal what would you be?
JAE: I never thought of being an animal, but I always wanted to become a tree as it forms a beautiful shape of itself and even though the winds are hitting on it, it will never fall off, but just make a beautiful sound.

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