Auditions #05 | 5 Minutes with Isabel Alsina-Reynolds

Isabel for High Snobiety

Isabel is a fine artist and puppet maker – her Instagram is packed full of wonderful and more wonderful things. She’s fascinating, engaging, a great mover, and a joy to shoot. A real mix of beauty and resilience, she was instantly a Matthew Miller girl for us. She was cast immediately for his Spring Summer ’17 show.

“It’s difficult to recommend modeling as what may work for one person is completely wrong for the next. It’s a huge bonus to have finished your education or be at Uni while modeling. You can get a better understanding of yourself which means you can have a more positive experience.”

“The things that have really helped me so far are red wine, making bad artwork, Cheetos, and my plants. Oh, and my mother, because she is a witch.”

“Recently, there have been some really positive changes with the way the fashion world approaches casting, but there is still a long way to go, particularly among the more traditional fashion houses. Fashion can be so unbelievably liberating and free and we really need to see this reflected in all forms of creativity.”

“I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue!”

“My extraordinarily surreal moment was shooting British Vogue. I never thought a girl with a green mullet and shitty tattoos would ever end up there but life works in weird ways sometimes.”

Photography: Alex De Mora | Styling: Atip W | Hair: Takuya Morimoto | Make-up: Andjelka | Hair Assistant: Manami Matsuki | Videography: Blue Laybourne | Casting Director: Sarah Bunter


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