Zoey Kay tells her story to Style & Talent: Check out the feature below and don’t forget to follow Zoey on Instagram for more: @zoeykaay

"Zoey: “I was a child model from about three and stopped when I was twelve because of school. Then about a year and a half ago, my mum asked about doing it again so I went to some agencies and was signed by Nevs.

I love modelling because it’s social. I enjoy meeting people and I think people in the industry have interesting characters. I enjoy fashion, too. When I see new designs I know what things I’d like to buy. Can’t buy all designers but I like different styles and I try to recreate the styles myself by putting things together.

I like helping to create the photos, contributing to the ideas, because at the end of the day it’s not all about posing. It’s a bit like art, you are trying to be creative.

I trained as a dancer and actress before going into modelling. I did a musical theatre course so ideally after my modelling career I’d like to do more acting.

I like the designers KTZ and Marques Almeida. Their clothes are boxy and big and I like the designs they have on them. There’s a cool vibe to it.

My favourite shoot would probably be on a beach somewhere really nice and hot, where the sea is very blue and the sand is white.. just running about in the sand.. like a ‘paradise’ shoot.

And I’d like to be photographed by by Rankin in an edgy editorial shoot because I absolutely adore his work.”

Photo and interview Greg Tallent