We are all created equal, but our diversity is what makes us unique

Here at Nevs, we understand there is no-one that looks like YOU, and we’re here for that. We want to help celebrate and support you just as you are; YOUR authenticity, YOUR honesty and YOUR uniqueness.

With that in mind, we are super excited to annouce the launch of our #IAMNEVS Instagram model search. We’re on the hunt for the freshest faces; reaching out to potential new members to join our fam. Come share our beliefs and join us in changing the face of the industry. Lets celebrate you.

The process is straightforward:

  • Follow us on Instagram: @nevsmodels

  • Tag a picture with #IAMNEVS

Hints n Tips:

  • Upload a natural photograph

  • Make sure your hair is away from your face

  • Dont use editing software and filters, the team want to see YOU for YOU and not someone that you have created online

  • Remember, your uniqueness is what's going to get you signed - show us what makes YOU unique

Join the movement


Images: @bychrisreid 

Follow us on Instagram: @nevsmodels