C a t c h  E m  I f  Y o u  C a n

We are SO IN LOVE with Helene and Isabel in 'Catch Em If You Can' for Love Magazine

Make sure you check out the video HERE - The girls look INSANE! 

Photography: Alexandra Leese | Fashion Editor: Molaroid | Photographic Assistants: Digital Ops: Philip Pappadis, 1st Assistant: Andras Bartok | Stylist Assistants: Talita Vignoto, Max Meggle & Rose Meggle | Hair: Takuya Uchiyama | Hair Assistants: Waka Adachi, Emma Small & Hirokazu Endo | Makeup: Tina Solberg | Makeup Assistants: Emma Marie & Slade Aron De Vallier | Production & Casting: ROSCO Production

Short Film: Video Director: Remi Laudat | DOP: Diana Olifirova |First AC: Agatha Lee | Graphics: Lauren Hutchinson | Retouch: Evelyn Houf



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