Happy 10 Year Anniversary Youtube!

To celebrate Youtube's 10 year anniversary, we have put together a list of 10 videos on Youtube that have made our lives complete - five of which are Nevs most successful videos on their channel as well as 5 absolute screamers that the bookers cannot stop watching.


1. Coming in on the top-spot is the Toni & Guy Lexicon Commercial starring Zana & Kailah - Watch Here.

2. Next up is one from the mens division with Eric Monjoin playing the lead male in a womans world for Dior 'Terminal 3' by Phillip Lorca-Dicorcia.

3. Recently uploaded to the Nevs Youtube channel, Bridget Valentine dazzles us with her beauty (obviously) as well as her impeccable cookie eating skills as she manages not to dribble anything on her dress - for Milano Cookies.

4. Ariana London takes a stand in this commercial for Equinox gyms by shaving her lovely locks to prove she's a badass as well as a pretty face.

5. Last but not least, our favourite bearded beauty Ricki Hall starring in this P&Co collaboration for 'The Unlovable Heartbreaker' collection.

NEVS FAVOURITES (in no particular order)

1. Keyboard Cat - Obvs.

2. Will Ferrell Landlord - We are still dying of laughter.

3. Elevator Horror Prank - One of the boss' all time favourites.

4. The Ultimate Dog Tease

5. Sh*t girls in fashion say - Can I get a plus 1?! (We are all guilty of it)

6. Spider Dog - A late comer this morning and it's probably worthy to top the list!

We haven't even mentioned the best video of all - the Nevs 2014 Christmas Video which remains top secret to this day. It ended the 2014 with a bang and if you weren't lucky enough to see it, you definitely missed out. I'll give you two words to some it up: Mariah Carey.

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Happy Birthday Youtube! We love you!