We chat to our fabulous new face booker, serial tea drinker and all round Brentwood babe, SIAN

Age: 23

Nationality: British (EN-GER-LAND!!)

Hometown: Brentwood, Essex

Job Role: Women’s New Faces Booker 

How long have you been working at Nevs? 4 months (fresh lamb)

What does a normal day in the office look like for you?

A lot of fun & smiles, cups of tea, calls & emails… LFW has just been so also a lot of flapping!

What do you love most about your job?

The team, the models – all a big, weird family !

How would you describe your agency?

Welcoming, Caring, Fun,

How do you think your colleagues would describe you?

Im never good at this... ginger? Weird? Amusing? I don’t know.….

What is the strangest talent you have?

Too many to choose from soz

Do you have any phobias?

Is it wise to be posting this online ? Banana’s…. don’t @ me

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

Shapeshifting I reckon, I always loved the scene in Harry potter when Hermine tried to shapeshift into a cat but it only done her face and gave her a tail, that would so be me lol

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Carefree, upfront, lovinnnn’

What can you not leave home without?

Earphones, that 2 hour commute to and from work ain’t fun without them

What show are you currently binge watching?

Ozark and model squad

If a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be? 

1)      Kylie Jenner’s entire bank account to be transferred to mine

2)      Become a wizard

3)      For the elder wand to choose me

Name one song or movie title that describes you

Wreck it Ralph – he just gets me

Pineapple on a Pizza?

Yes, but I wouldn’t order (yeah, il eat your pizza after ive finished mine)

What music are you listening to?

Kids see ghost & ye, always everything Kanye

What makes you smile?

King Curtis

If you were a biscuit, which would you be?

A gingerbread man (do you know the muffin man?)

Who is your style inspo / icon and why?

Bratz dolls & Mary-Kate and Ashley circa 2001

Beauty tips you swear by?

Less is more, other than a winged eyeliner – go big or go home

How do you spend your free time?

Spend time with my friends and family, I have a lot of great people in my life

Your guilty pleasures?

Gareth Gates, Marmite & Cheese crumpets and Diet coke

Most treasured possession?

My teddy bear, Rainbow <3

Dream Vacation?

Galapagos Islands

Favourite designer and why?

Hmmm, maybe Dior right now but bring back 90’s Versace Couture!!!

Couldn't live without?

A hair brush, this mane needs to be tamed

Currently reading?

The Celestine Prophecy

Obsessed with right now?

Life! I’m really enjoying learning more about myself and those around me

Fave film?

Pretty woman, pulp fiction, wreck it ralph, despicable me, all of the harry potter’s… how am I supposed to choose!

What do you think is the key to a good life / work balance?

Enjoying your job, it makes a huge different when you love where you work.

Hit us with your #NevsFamPlaylist:   

Summertime Magic by Childish Gambino

Bebey by Theophilus London

Thank u, next by Ariana Grande

Pine & Ginger by Amindi K Fro$t

Be Without You by Mary J Blige

Think Twice by Celine Dion

Ghost Town by Kanye West

Heartbreaker by Mariah Carey

Pretty Girl by Steffon Don

Through The Wire by Kanye West

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