Next up in our #NotJustANevsModel series is George Weait, a 21 year old artist and model.

When it comes to art, George takes his ideology, his friendships and lifestyle from his social experiences and pushes them right back into his art. He says he “always looks at life with a brighter and more surreal approach.”

He acknowledges the magnificent uniqueness in each living and sentient being and brings the collective entirety to roaring life through exaggerated features, radical movement and deeply intriguing faces. George creates expansive, imaginative narratives and the people he draws get to live in pure playfulness, bright illumination and proper madness.

He recently produced a unique student cook book that is bursting with life. It has great recipes, vibrant colours, intriguing pages and wacky illustrated characters. It also encapsulates a lot of his original artwork that is based around student life; Partying, socialising and having fun.

George says “Paper and pencil is with me wherever I go. Life is better through a drawing.”

How long have you been passionate about art and when did you first discover this was something you were good at?

I have been passionate about art for as long as I can remember. Growing up I was always drawing. My mum has hundreds of sketches that I’ve done over the years. It was always my favourite subject at school and since University, I have really come into my own, starting to produce art exactly the way I want to. Art is very much self expression and individuality, so I think every artist in their own way is ‘good’ at art.

Who are your biggest inspirations / some of your favourite artists?

My biggest inspirations for art comes from a wide range of places. To kickstart I will say my all time favourite artists are Basquiat, Keith Haring and Andy Warhol. I love looking at different photographers / dancers / musician’s / fashion designers too. But my other biggest inspiration would have to be my friends and mates. Spending time with them, partying, having fun, seeing what sort of creativity they are up to, all brings me ideas and passion for my own work.

Take us through how you start a painting - the inspo, the planning, materials used?

Starting a painting will often stem from an idea or feeling I have from being out and about, feeling inspired in a social setting or a culmination of previous works. My biggest help for ideas would be sketches that I have done in my sketchbook. There’s always something in there from an observational drawing on a night out or just a note from a passing feeling. A lot of my work will go without any structural planning. It will start some where, and then move some place else. Materials, colours and subjects will evolve, grow and change dependent on the feeling that I am getting from the painting. The music I am listening also has a big influence on the way a work will turn out. I would say my favourite materials to use are oil bars, pastel, graphite, spray paint and acrylic.

How would you describe your style? 

I am always developing the way that I am working. Discovering new possibilities within my own artistic world. My style varies between the scale of the drawing / painting. When working larger I like to layer and be more free and experimental. Whereas when I work smaller, I often keep the work more precise. The style of things I like to draw are definitely people, characters, feelings and emotions. You can draw the same face a 100 different ways, and I can create a whole universe of people when I start painting. I love exploring colour and I aim for my work to be bursting with it. Bright lights, energetic marks and actions. I want my work to pop and grab your attention. I want it to also make you feel happy

What are your favourite things to paint?

My favourite things to paint would have to be faces, bodies, people’s feelings and emotions. I love creating a living being on a canvas or in my sketchbook. There’s a million different things that you could do it, so I never get bored. The thoughts and feelings they have are endless and I can also bring my own energy into these characters that I am creating. Having my sketchbook in my pocket and drawing random people is wonderful.

Is there a particular message or feeling you want people to take away from your art?

I want people to come away feeling happy, intrigued and passionate for life. My artwork tells a lot of stories. You can often come back to a piece and find something that you didn’t originally see. Friendship, socialising and loving life is what a lot of my art stems from. Enjoying existence and having an amazing time whilst here on earth is what I like to put into my artwork. So I hope the recipient can see that too

You recently created a unique student cookbook using your own illustrations - talk us through how that came about, how you chose the recipes and where we can purchase a copy?

This was one of my final projects at Kingston University. Cooking has been a passion of mine for a very long time, and university exercised that enjoyment through being able to cook meals alongside my best mates, and having a laugh whilst doing so. By creating a student cookbook, I could channel my happy memories, funky nights and lovely meals directly into a range of my own recipes and crazy illustrations. The book very much resembles my time at university. From the larger works I did that are within to the meaning behind them. Student life is a great life of partying, finding great friendships and having a mental time. If you would like to purchase one I would just need a direct message / email saying that you are interested. They are self published so I need to get the requests before making an order. I should be doing a bulk order in just under a month. (As of June) You can find a flip through of the book on my Instagram.

You've created your own clothing adding your illustrations to shoes and jackets, is fashion design an area you'd also like to branch into? 

I love fashion and customising and creating my own pieces is another way of expressing myself. I was blessed to be introduced into a fashion collective in the heart of Soho at Neverfade Factory (@never_fadelondon) a year ago where they taught me a lot about clothing and ways of building a brand for myself. Fantastic designers like Unai Telleria (@943UT) showed me ways of creating, collaborating and making. I definitely want to pursue fashion as for me, it is another blank canvas

You're about to graduate from Kingston University, what's next for you and your art?

So I recently submitted all of my work, which felt amazing, and am now planning my summer that I am sure will be filled with lots of painting. I want to work even larger than I have before so this means bigger canvases and murals. I fancy getting my name out there and and attracting a much larger audience, so I will be pushing myself to produce more thoughtful, beautiful and great artwork. With an aim to have my own exhibition. I will continue to find inspiration in the things I love and push it right back into my work

What do you hope to achieve with your art, do you have any long-term goals?

I love evolving and experimenting with my artwork. Therefore, I want to produce work that is new and exciting for me. I see my work ever changing and feeling fresh. I can imagine that in a few months my work will look different to what it did before. Having my own exhibitions, collaborating with artists / companies and growing my reputation are all goals of mine. I would love my work to be viewed in multiple countries and paint in a range of different locations. Constantly looking for beautiful new ideas that can push my art

Do you have any exhibitions coming up?

I am exhibiting in 2 different places in the coming months, which I am very excited about. From the 25th June - 27th June I will have my final Degree show ‘Reconnecting’ where I am displaying multiple works including my cook book, sustainable fashion editorial and large scale artwork. This will be at Oxo Tower, SE1 9PH. I’m also exhibiting 2 pieces of art at the Los Angeles. Art Show, on the final weekend of July this year. This is a fantastic opportunity for me. I must thank @artsopconsulting

Where can we find your work online?

There are a couple locations. I have my instagram @georgeweaitart where I upload all of my most recent work, ideas and things I’m up to. I also have my website ‘' Where you can find out about work available to buy, bio, blog updates and more. I am in the process of uploading 10+ new works to the website.


Follow George on Instagram: @georgeweaitart

Want to work with George?, please contact [email protected]