London Fashion Week Women's is upon us, and we thought what better way to kick it off than chatting with some of our newest faces!

First Stop: The beautiful Freyja

Age: 19

Nationality: British / American

Hometown: Born in NY, grew up in East London

How were you discovered?

I was found by Fletcher at No15scouts, who introduced me to Nevs and I’ve been signed ever since!

How is 2017 shaping up for you so far?

I’ve had a great start to the year, taking up Piano as I have been playing the guitar for over 6 years and need a bit of a switch up :) and so happy to be with Nevs too!

How excited are you about your first season in London, and officially being part of the Nevs fam?

Super excited to be with the Nevs family, and for London Fashion Week too, it will be crazy but definitely a fun experience!

What are you most looking forward to about the shows?

Seeing all the beautiful new clothing collections and all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes! It’s a fascinating process to be a part of

What are your must haves for LFW survival? (bobble hat and gloves at the ready! brrrr)

My must haves are a bottle of water, glossier lip balm, headphones, hair tie, snacks and a good book! 

Who is your favourite Designer? 

Alexander McQueen, Versace and Dior

Ultimate Style Icon? 

Rihanna definitely!

Dream vacation? 

Budapest! or to go on a road trip through America

Your biggest challenge?

Getting through rush hour in London :) 

Most treasured possession? 

My persian kittens 

Couldn’t live without? 


Currently on your playlist? 

Elbow’s new album ‘Little Fictions’ ,The Rolling Stones ‘Blue and Lonesome’, and Hans Zimmer

What makes you smile?

'The Sweetest Thing’ movie

Biggest fear? 

Anything to do with heights

Most recent purchase?

A book called ‘The Vegetarian’ by Han Kang

Fave movie of all time? 

’War of the Worlds’ I have no idea why, I used to watch it when I was a kid over and over, probably because it was rated 15

Biggest inspiration in life and why? 

My mum, as she’s had a wild life, and then she became a mum 

Obsessed with right now? 

Learning about psychology, i’ve bought two books on it already and just can’t stop

Sum yourself up in three words? 

Determined, faithful and ethical


Follow Freja on Instagram: @frefoy