Words taken from Boys By Girls website:

"Finlay at Nevs Models and photographer Ellie Smith take us on a journey in what feels like a typical charming English Sunday. Through the streets of Stoke Newington we’re transported to the laundry shop and the local Café. This series only makes us crave for a walk in the park on a crisp Sunday morning as well as some beans on toast.

The team spent the day hanging out with Finlay on the streets of East London. Finlay: a quiet, polite and sweet natured boy, but with a cheeky glint in his eyes. An intelligent guy, the model is currently sitting his exams, we had pulled him away from his revision for the day (sorry Finlay). To make up for it throughout the shoot Ellie and her team asked him some maths and science questions to test his knowledge, we like to think we knew our maths and science as well - although we were totally making it up.  

Photographer Ellie Smith matches Finlay’s glint of cheekiness with her playful images, capturing a youthfulness of the teenage soul. A youthfulness that is perhaps lost these days. What happened to children playing in the streets, creating their own adventures instead of sitting indoors playing video games? The series makes us reminisce of the times as a 10 year old when we would knock on all our friends’ houses asking them to come out to play. There is a hint of a Peter Pan like feel to this series with Finlay's delicate features and pointed nose. “To live will be an awfully big adventure.” 

Styling was left classically British with polo shirts and loafers in red, blue and white. The white loafers became the unintentional heroes of the shoot as Finlay really warmed to them. The garments had a vintage feel with items selected from Rokit, Beyond Retro, John Smedley, Won Hundred, Lee and The Great Frog."

Photography ELLIE SMITH // Styling ALICE BURNFIELD  // Words by Rosie Williams