Beautiful Eva for Marie Claire, Czech Republic

Photographer: Lukas Dvorak | Styling: Milena Zuravljova | Make-up: Martina Rova | Hair: Sunnie Brook

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For a screenwriter, director and model Eva Doležalová, Los Angeles has long been the second home. With Marie Claire readers, she shared her impressions, tips, and experiences from living under the California sun.

When I moved to LA, I rented a room in a mansions villa in Bel Air near Beverly Hills. Opposite was a large mansion where the barking of dogs came, and enough negative energy came out of the house. I've never seen anyone there, and when I asked one day who was staying in the residence, I was told that Michael Jackson had died in it. I understand where the negative energy is coming from…

Today I have a small house in Los Feliz and I definitely recommend the local European restaurants - for example, the great Italian Little Dom's or the French Bistrot Figaro, where I work at least three times a week.

I love to go to The Huntington Gardens, a large botanical garden where you can find trees and plants that come from virtually all over the world, from Japan to Brazil. They also make the best green, jasmine and oolong teas.

There is no such thing as shopping for fashion, but New York or Paris is much better, but it is worth mentioning the Los Angeles second hand - they are amazing, for example Squaresville next to Figaro or the Rose Bowl Flea Market, where people from all over the world arrive behind clothes and second hand furniture. For example, Japanese tourists often come with empty suitcases, buy what they can, and then sell it much more at home.

Perhaps the most popular place in Los Angeles is the Griffith Observatory, a distinctive 1933 Art Deco building with a lookout and a planetarium. This observatory has also played several times in the film, perhaps recalling it from the classic Rebel film without the cause or the newer La La Land. I can see the hill on the top of the observatory from the windows of my house.

When I run out of Asian food, the expedition to Tokyo Town will solve it. And if there's something you shouldn't miss when visiting LA, it is the LACMA art gallery, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

I also love The Hollywood Roosevelt. For example, Marilyn Monroe or Charlie Chaplin lived there, the famous British painter David Hockney decorated the local pool and I will be filming my new film Maestro.

All we have to do is wish you a happy journey!



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