Eva Dolezalova looks incredible for Fashion Gone Rogue Photographed by Enrique Vega

Stylist: Yahaira Familia | Makeup: Mynxii White | Hair: Deborah Brider

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Photographer Enrique Vega takes us back to the 1980’s for a retro inspired fashion shoot. This exclusive stars model and director Eva Doležalová in vibrant images complete with neon lights and equally bright ensembles. Styled by Yahaira Familia, the Czech star turns up the glam factor in the designs of Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford and more. For beauty, makeup artist Mynxii White works on her bold pout with hair stylist Deborah Brider creating her sleek coif. In addition to the shoot, Eva also opens up about her directorial short ‘Carte Blanche’ starring Cole Sprouse and Suki Waterhouse.

I want to tell stories that will transform people to places and mindsets they have never been.”
–Eva Doležalová

What is it like going from modeling to directing? What was your first project?
Eva: It was a very smooth transition I have to say. When you have your passion and vision as a drive and you know what you want, people will always listen to you. Ever since I’ve started modeling and acting I’ve always been creating by the side of photographers, writers and directors. And my opinions were valuable to them. And when the right day came, I went entirely with my intuition and directed my first short released by Nowness, ‘SOUND OF SUN’, starring Suki Waterhouse, Sean Penn and myself. My subconscious drove me to direct this film and I gave my heart and soul which felt more than natural.

What else have you worked on? What drives you?
Since then I’ve directed multiple shorts such as ‘CARTE BLANCHE’, in the lead with Dylan Sprouse, Suki Waterhouse, Jack Kilmer, Johnny Whitworth or ‘BUTCHER BOY’ starring Camille Rowe & Jack Kilmer. I am gratified to be working with such talented actors and crew and for the everyday experience in my craft. While I was living in London, I’ve paid from my modeling career for RADA school and when it came to directing, I simply went with my instincts and the technical part of things came to me during my journey. All you need for your dream to start coming into place is passion, persistence, and patience. The 3 magical P’s. And then the rest will fall into place if you’re doing what you love.

What attracts you most to writing and directing?
I want to tell stories that will transform people to places and mindsets they have never been, make them visit places and meet characters that will inspire them in some way or remind them of themselves. I hope to affect young people all over the world with the message that they can achieve whatever they want if they choose to. Because it’s all up to us, we are the only ones holding the key to our fantasies coming true.

What was the inspiration behind ‘Carte Blanche’?
After I moved to Los Angeles from Paris, it was a whole new environment to get used to, a new way of living. It was an entirely new energy and seeing how things work in Hollywood inspired me to direct Carte Blanche, which is – A story of a young actor Gideon Blake, (Dylan Sprouse) who is suddenly launched into stardom, but at a significant Hollywood function he comes across a mysterious man from his past, (Jack Kilmer) which begins his downward spiral as he is pushed to the brink of his sanity and he must choose which path in life he will follow.

The final inspiration behind ‘Carte Blanche’ was when an actress told me that Hollywood stole her soul. With ‘Carte Blanche’, I was going for a demonstration to show people that it doesn’t have to be that way. Our destiny is in our hands and we don’t have to sell anything to be successful.

How did you go about casting Suki Waterhouse and Dylan Sprouse in the film?
First on board was Suki Waterhouse. Suki and I have been friends since we were 17 when we met in London and begun our beautiful friendship. Dylan Sprouse was brought on my radar by producer Andrea Chung. Dylan and I had a Skype call as he was in NYC at the time. He asked me a few questions about his character and the meaning of the film. At the end, before we hang up, he said “I’m definitely in”. I couldn’t have been more pleased as Dylan is the perfect Gideon Blake. He has that movie star quality about him.

And what about the other characters?
Then Jack Kilmer was cast as Robert White which I was genuinely hoping for and when Johnny Whitworth agreed to embody the character of Steve Walker, the assertive agent of Gideon Blake, I jumped out with joy. I just love Johnny, he’s the actor you want to have on your set. Fun, full of energy and a brilliant actor. The rest of the cameo roles such as Maya Henry, Jordan Barrett or Jeremie Laheurte came from my circle of friends. ‘Carte Blanche’ has many cameos as I wanted to portray the intensiveness of Hollywood life and its unique personalities.

What was it like on set of this Enrique Vega shoot?
I love the passion for his craft. He knows what he wants and I’ve always loved that. After all, it became more of a collaboration between him and me which is always exciting. Furthermore, his understanding of lighting was very inspiring, he knows how to light you to get what he wants and I think that’s very evident on the photos we did.

Who are some of your favorite directors?
As a teenager I’ve started as a lover of surrealist filmmakers such as Luis Buñuel or Czech filmmaker Jan Švankmajer. Then I discovered the French New Wave – Claude Chabrol, Robert Bresson, Éric Rohmer or Jean-Luc Godard. And finally, I have heartfelt appreciation for the Italian neorealism such as Michelangelo Antonioni or Roberto Rossellini. My ultimate idols are Stanley Kubrick, Yorgos Lanthimos, Fritz Lang, Jean-Marc Vallée or Denis Villeneuve who manages to speak his heart and soul no matter what film he makes.

Can you tell us about any projects you have coming up?
I have exciting news as my biggest short film so far, ‘CARTE BLANCHE’, will be premiering on the opening night of Mammoth Film Festival in February 2019 in the Official competition. Currently, I am in the development of two original feature films with one of them going into production in 2019. The dream come true! Also, in February I will be directing a 15 minute short in a collaboration with The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The story I wrote for this is very close to my heart and I’m delighted to tell this tale to the world.


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