A l l  T h e  F e e l s

Emily Bador for Monki

Monki, with support from Mental Health Europe, present: All the feels. A campaign created to raise awareness about the positive and negative effects of social media on our mental health.

How does social media make you feel?

Have you ever scrolled through your feed and felt like everyone else’s life is much MUCH more interesting than yours? Felt like you weren’t pretty enough, fun enough, smart enough, or just enough? If you breath, think and own a smart phone, the answer is probably yes. 
There’s a lot more to life (and to being a human) than fits into a filtered social media profile. A single day can be a wild roller-coaster ride of emotions, and that’s just impossible to show in a single selfie. Social media makes us laugh and cry. It makes us feel lonely and it makes us feel loved.
It’s time to acknowledge all those feelings.
It’s time to love them. ALL of them.
Meet the ambassadors
Meet our three ambassadors that we worked with in this campaign. They all have gone through personal struggles and mental health issues and have a strong social media presence that you can follow for inspiration and pepp.

Emily Bador

Emily Bador has been dubbed the “Body-positive Instagram Queen”, and rightly so. She uses her platform to challenge the fashion industry’s lack of diversity and unrealistic beauty standards. In 2016 she decided to take some time off from modelling. She needed time to work on the unhealthy practises she picked up due to the pressure of the industry, time to work on self-love. Now her Instagram account is a place of empowerment, diversity and an honest document of her journey back to modelling – whilst putting pressure on the industry to change.

“Social media has been both a blessing and a curse in the way that I view my body image.”

Emily’s top three tips on how to handle social media anxiety:

Turn off your notifications! 
You don’t need to see those 
likes as they pop up. 
(You can leave your DM 
notifications on separately!)
Unfollow or mute anyone who makes 
you feel bad about yourself. 
Keep your feed full of positivity and 
people who educate and boost you.
If you feel yourself becoming 
obsessive, try setting a timer. 
I give myself 25 mins to 
do all my socials. When the 
times up I have to do something 
else for a few hours before 
I check it again!

The next time you scroll through your fav social media platform and start doubting your own amazingness, know that you’re not alone.

We all have good days and bad days. We all feel like warriors and worriers. We’re in this together.

And if all else fails: Stop. Breath. And put the phone down.

In partnership with Mental Health Europe

Follow Emily on Instagram: @darth_bador