Day 3 of our LCM Boys, and we caught up with Emil at Nevs HQ, whilst completely falling in love with that hair!

Age: 19          

Nationality: Sweden 

Hometown: Stockholm

How were you discovered? I was actually scouted during a family vacation in London when I was 14 years old! 

What were you doing before you were a model?

I went to school, but I did pretty much the same things, besides working and travelling

How is 2016 shaping up for you so far? 

I have been travelling quite a lot which I’ve really enjoyed

How excited are you to be in London for LCM?

I cannot put it into words!

What are you most looking forward to for the weekend ahead?

Seeing my good friend Cg who lives here 

There are so many advantages to being a model, and you get to catch a glimpse of all the new trends. What would you personally like to see coming out of LCM SS17?

It would be nice to see some mullets this season!

Who is your one to watch?

Carl Gustaf von Platen 

What are you super essential items you carry with you to castings?

Guitar and harmonica

Most interesting shoot you have done to date and why?

I had a shoot with a guy named Keiichi Nitta in Tokyo. It was at an old cabaret-night club and they wanted me to breakdance

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Travelling and meeting interesting people

What does the rest of 2016 hold for you - anything exciting in the pipeline?

You’ll see! J

Dream vacation?


Most treasured possession?

My cats

Favourite Designer?


Couldn’t live without?


Currently on your playlist?


What makes you smile?

Nathan for you

Most recent purchase?  

A T-shirt with a whale print from some second hand store in Tokyo

Fave movie of all time?

The Master

Ultimate Style Icon?


Biggest inspiration in life and why?

My friends

Highlight of your career?

I was in Japan for two months, easily one of my best experiences

Currently reading?


Biggest fear?

Hair in my food, and sharks

Obsessed with right now? 


Sum yourself up in three words?

C’est la vie…

Tell us a secret…

I’m not actually blonde! (but we LOVE it)


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