B r a n d  N e w  T r a d i t i o n 

Donnika ~ Kaltblut Magazine

A KALTBLUT exclusive womenswear editorial. Photography and Set design by Eve Power

Styling, Set and Words by Léa Federmann | Make Up by Sophie Cox | Hair by Shab Malik

” Brand new tradition’ editorial explores unapologetic black subculture merging traditional jewelries, modern accessories and a mix of both traditional and modern clothes. Feminity and sensuality can be perceived and represented in many ways depending on beliefs and history, every culture has it’s own way to embellish the body and that is what we wanted to highlight in this story.  Therefore hairstyles were a major part of this editorial, just as they have a major importance in traditional black culture, aiming to create a sense of beauty. Hairstyles have historical and religious connections and have always been used to convey specific messages in society. The hair is the most elevated part of the body and was also considered a portal for spirits to pass through to the soul"

Women are now inspired by their own culture and history; they are no longer confined by the restraints previously set upon them by society as a whole- the broader perspective. Building identities based on their own personal culture and history, that reflects the journey between traditional and modern. When planning the shoot, we based the concept around Donnika because she embodies the idea of identity, strength & independence. She is visually inspiring and full of emotions, she is more than just a model and this was so vital for the shoot.” says Léa Federmann


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