After recenty been shot for Toast by tintype photographer Tif Hunter, the crew at Toast found out that not only was Mr David Harkins a great model but a brilliant artist specialising in abstract paintings. Over the past few weeks, Toast's blog has been featuring and exploring various artist's workplaces and so it seemed inevitable for them to want to feature David and his work.

Check out the interview below from the piece featured:

"Tell us about your art form…

I am an abstract painter – although there are some figures, based on jigsaw pieces, beginning to creep into my work.  I am broadly interested in states of mind and how they might look…

Describe your workspace and how your surroundings affect your work…

I have been in my current studio for approximately fifteen years. It is a corner site and two of the walls are mainly glass, making it wonderfully light. There is a busy road outside and a park beyond and so it can be distracting – but only ever in a good way. I love the space and spending time there but I am not consciously aware of these surroundings affecting my work. I am lucky to spend part of the week by the sea and I think its vast expanse does inevitably feature, although I do not set out to paint that specifically.

Do you work better in chaos or order?

I often start off a more intense period of work with a tidy up but the space then becomes increasingly cluttered, as I tend to work on a number of pieces at any one time…. tidying and stretching canvases are all part of the process as is the ensuing chaos.

Silence or sound?

I like to listen to a wide range of music while I work – hypnotic instrumental stuff like Jon Hopkins and Coil, dub reggae, Kraftwerk and T Rex are all current favourites – but sometimes silence is best…

Another artist you would like to meet?

I am a great admirer of the modern British artists and would love to have met Roger Hilton or Peter Lanyon…… of contemporary artists I would like to meet the Spanish artist Juan Usle."

View David’s work on his website here

David is represented by Edgar Modern Gallery in Bath.

Photographs by Alun Callender –